March 7, 2021

Cool Graffiti Pictures HD

Graffiti is one of many fine arts. Graffiti comes from Latin, graffio which means to write. Graffiti image application uses simple equipment but has high artistic value. Graffiti creators can show their experiences or reveal hidden messages on the media of wooden walls to concrete walls in the form of letters and images.

Graffiti is generally written on the wall with different compositions such as lines, colors, shapes, volumes. Graffiti is an important art because it has been used to quietly express opinions on walls using spray paint cans as a liquid dye or usually using a Brussels water compressor.

Here are complete pictures about graffiti drawings:

The example of the street graffiti above is done on a wall with a dominant blue color which makes the graffiti attract attention. Street graffiti is generally used to convey messages to the public or certain groups.

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