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Kayran: Shadowbone



Since not only the Kayran is life-threatening, but also its poisonous slime, which the colossus spits on its enemies in huge fountains, Geralt prepares a drink - mongoose - for which he needs a special ingredient: shadow legwort, a mushroom-like plant that grows in dark Environments such as tombs, caves and other underground vaults are growing. As you would expect, dangerous monsters also live there.


Geralt visits the elf Cedric in Twine. The witcher learns from him that the Kayran's slime is extremely poisonous and deadly. The best thing to do is to get a sample of the stuff to analyze how you can protect yourself from the poisonous slime of the tentacles.
The protective potion mongoose can be brewed from the green slime of the Kayran. Cedric also knows where the Kayran's camp is: a shipwreck that the creature recently destroyed. Sufficient samples can be taken there.
Triss knows the recipe for making mongoose. Unfortunately there is still no shadowbones, but neither Triss nor Geralt know where shadowbones grows. Cedric has this information: A cave behind a waterfall in the south of the Flotsam forests. This cave is full of nekkers and a corpse eater lurks near the shadowbones.


  • When Geralt has harvested the shadow legwort and has all the other ingredients, he can prepare the mongoose potion immediately.
  • If Geralt wears the Herbalist's Gloves or has a talent in the Harvester Skill, he can harvest Shadowbones twice.
  • The mongoose potion can be brewed with any ingredient that contains fulgur, such as endriagen embryo. If the potion is made with another ingredient, the quest will not update.
  • There are also problems with the update of the quest if Geralt prepares mongoose before he has spoken to Cedric - it may even be enough to find Shadowbone root by chance in the cave behind the waterfall beforehand.

Diary entry

Not only was the slime poisonous, it also had magical properties, Triss discovered. For the antidote they needed shadowbone root. This plant was found underground in damp places. Geralt considered whether to look for such a place himself or to consult Cedric.
If Geralt doesn't find Shadowroot right away:
Geralt decided to spare the soles of his worn shoes and went to Cedric. When asked about Shadowbone Root, the elf sent him to a cave under an elven ruin deep in the forest. As luck would have it, the elf sent him on another tour - deep into the forest to a grave under the ruins of the elves.
Geralt found the legwort in a damp cave under an ivy ruin. From the medicinal herb he prepared an elixir that would protect him from the kayran's deadly poison.
The well-stowed elixir awaited the confrontation with the Kayran.
In the fight with the giant beast, the elixir proved itself excellently. The witcher would probably have triumphed without the protection of the mixture, but he was a professional and valued his life too much to expose it to unnecessary risks.
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