How to make slime with ivory soap

Make slime yourself: easy & quick recipes (even without glue)

At the moment everyone has gotten into the slime (or slime). There is hardly a school-age child who does not play with the goo. And because buying slime has long been out and everyone wants to make the slime themselves, it is time we told you how you can do it very easily and with just a few ingredients.

In addition to simple video instructions, we will show you various slime recipes with and without glue. Even glowing slime is included!

Make slime yourself: the recipe

The production of slime requires relatively fewer materials and you will already have a lot of it at home. To make slime you need:

If you have everything at hand, you can start making slime right away. Grab the craft glue (about a glass full) and mix it with the warm water. Now the food coloring comes into play. Mix about a knife tip of your chosen color into the glue-water mixture.

If the color is not intense enough for you, add a few more drops until it suits you. At the end you mix in the liquid detergent - try it at the beginning with about a cap. If the mass still sticks strongly to the fingers, add a little more detergent. Only when the slime comes off your fingers without residue is it ready.

Tip: If you want to make transparent, colorful slime yourself, it is best to use transparent craft glue. For the opaque, single-colored slime mixture, you should use white craft glue. And if you want to have some of your slime for as long as possible, you can put it in an airtight can or bag after use. This prevents the homemade slime from drying out.

Info: If you make your own slime with solvent-free glue, then the end product is non-toxic and therefore suitable for children to play with.

Make slime yourself without glue

If you still prefer to make your own slime without glue, you can try the following recipe. But be careful: the consistency of slime without glue is a bit firmer and less sticky. All you need to make slime without glue is:

  • a large glass of hot water (about 350 ml)
  • Food coloring
  • two cups of cornstarch
  • Bowls

If you make your slime this way, you will find that it couldn't be easier. Take the hot (not boiling hot!) Water and mix it with the food coloring first. Slowly feel for the intensity of the color. It's best to put the two cups of cornstarch in a new bowl and slowly add the liquid. If at the end the mixture is too firm, add a little more water. If it is too runny, add some cornstarch. The slime is done if it doesn't stick to your fingers.

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Make slime yourself from just 2 ingredients - the basic recipe for goo slime

When it comes to the production of slime, there are hardly any limits to the variety. Maybe you have to try out a little bit in what proportions you mix the basic ingredients in order to make one or the other slime, but once you get that out, we assure you, you will be able to produce slime continuously. Whatever belongs in a goo slime:

  • Craft glue (solvent-free and water-soluble)
  • Liquid detergent

If you have mixed these two ingredients, you can make all sorts of other types of slime by adding different components. In addition to the simply colorful slime variants, you can do a lot more with the homemade slime.

You can find even more ingenious slime ideas in the book "Schleim-Alarm".*

Make light slime

If you want to make your children (or yourself) a very special slime yourself, it is best to try luminous slime, or glow-in-the-dark slime. To do this, you simply have to add a little glow-in-the-dark color to the basic recipe. After a short exposure to light, the slime glows all by itself in the dark.
Order glow-in-the-dark color here directly from Amazon.*

Important: This color is not food coloring! So make sure that your children don't put the glowing slime in their mouths.

Glitter slime, pearl slime and much more

Kneading the homemade slime is a lot of fun if you mix in small beads, styrofoam balls, glitter, small plastic dinosaurs and all sorts of other little things. There are no limits to the imagination and what is fun is allowed.

Make Galaxy slime yourself

If you want to make slime yourself, which definitely delights all age groups, the best thing to do is to try Galaxy Schleim. But you have to pay attention to something when mixing the ingredients. You have to make each color of your galaxy its own slime. So what you need is:

Mix the glue with glitter in the order in which it was made, then add the first color and finish the production of slime with the detergent. When you have done this with all the colors of your galaxy (e.g. blue, pink, purple), you mix them together to form a large galaxy slime. But be careful: don't knead too intensely, otherwise the colors will mix completely and we don't want that.

Reading tip: Ingenious game ideas for indoors

Make fluffy slime yourself

If the slime from glue and detergent is too slimy, you can also create a fluffy, airy foam. For this you need:

  • Craft glue
  • shaving cream
  • Contact lens solution
  • Food coloring
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First of all, put the shaving cream in a bowl. The more foam, the more slime. Maybe at the beginning you will try with a good two handfuls. Then mix in the food coloring. Now the craft glue follows. 40-50 ml of glue should be enough on our amount of shaving foam.

Mix the whole thing well. In the last step you mix in the contact lens liquid. But be careful: the liquid ensures that the foam becomes a little firmer. So slowly approach the desired consistency.

Created on September 19, 2019