How to arrange hydrangeas in a square vase

Use a trick to make bouquets appear luscious

By Lena Hackauf | March 7, 2021, 4:08 p.m.

Flowers add value to every room. However, a small bouquet in the wrong vase can quickly look lost. With a simple lifehack, the arrangement looks much fuller.

If you put a bouquet of flowers in a slightly larger vase, the plants usually spread out on the edge. As a result, bouquets with fewer flowers in particular quickly appear paltry than they actually are. The solution to the problem is to better distribute the flowers in the vase - but how?

A trick to distribute flowers in the vase

The trick works particularly well with flowers whose blooms take up a lot of space, such as hydrangeas. It is best to combine such flowers with varieties whose flowers are a little less lush.

What you need

Only a few materials are required to distribute the flowers in the vase as evenly as possible:

  • Cut flowers
  • a vase
  • a decorative container larger than the vase
  • transparent, thin tape

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How it goes

First you put the flower vase in the decorative container. All sorts of containers that look good and would fit in the flower vase are suitable for this. Attention: You only pour water into the inner vase for the flowers. The outer container stays dry.

Now you stick some strips lengthways and some across the opening of the container with the adhesive tape, so that a grid is created. It is important that the square spaces that are created are big enough that the flowers fit in, but not too big so that they don't wobble loosely in them. Then distribute the flowers in the individual squares. The tape prevents the flowers from spreading to the edge, which makes the vase look filled faster.

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