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WhatsApp account hacked - what to do in the event of damage and how can you protect yourself?

WhatsApp account hacked - what to do in the event of damage and how can you protect yourself? - WhatsApp is now the most successful messenger worldwide and also extremely widespread in Germany. You can reach a lot of friends and acquaintances. The downside, however, is that criminals also like to take advantage of this distribution and therefore WhatsApp accounts are always the focus of attacks and hackers. Partly with success:

For example, a user writes in the Android PIT forum:

Hello, my cell phone was hacked by someone I don't know. He got my number from a WhatsApp group. He wrote to me and I replied. Suddenly everything in my gallery was sorted / arranged by that location. Then I removed the SIM card and battery from my cell phone (Huawei Y6) and reset my cell phone.

In this article we want to help and show what you can do if someone else has access to your WhatsApp account and also give tips on how to protect the WhatsApp account from hacks.

How can you protect yourself from hacks?

WhatsApp itself already offers a number of options to protect the account from unauthorized access. This does not make attacks and hacks on the account completely impossible, but it is still very difficult. You should definitely take advantage of these possibilities, especially if there are already signs of (unsuccessful) attacks.

The Federal Office for Information Security recommends the 2 factor authentication and gives a few more tips:

Two-factor authentication (PIN)

Set up under "Settings> Account> Verification in two steps".

Turn on security notifications

  • If the SIM card is stolen from a known contact and used in another smartphone, the attacker can pretend to be the known contact. A security warning will appear that the Has changed the contact's security key. If that is the case, one should check the authenticity of the contact.
  • Switch on under "Settings> Account> Security> Show security notifications".
  • Check encryption by opening the chat and tapping on the name of the contact. If there is a closed lock behind the "Encryption" item, the encryption is active.

Of course, the general safety instructions (for example, on secure passwords) also apply to WhatsApp and WhatsApp devices. As a rule, you also have to secure your mobile phone for backup - access to the smartphone usually also means access to WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp is closely linked to Facebook, you should also check the backup of Facebook accounts. You should also check cell phone security. WhatsApp accounts are often attacked via vulnerabilities in the cell phone.

How do you get the hacked account back?

In the case of hacked WhatsApp accounts, the access data will usually also change and you can no longer access the account with the previous app without logging in again. Therefore, in this case you have to log in again, WhatsApp itself offers a restore function for this.

WhatsApp itself writes about this in the FAQ:

Log in to WhatsApp with your phone number and confirm your phone number by entering the six-digit code that you will receive via SMS. You can find out more about verifying your phone number in our help section: Android | iPhone.

Once you have entered the six-digit SMS code, the person using your account will be automatically logged out.

In the second step, you should secure the account and check what damage has occurred. To do this, the mobile phone should also be secured and the password / pin / device lock changed there. The BSI also has information on this:

The first emergency measure is to change the password. If this or logging in is no longer possible, use the "Forgot password" function and have a new password sent to you by email. If that doesn't work either, the only thing left is direct contact to the provider's customer support. The relevant contact points of the most important social media operators for reporting hacked accounts or identity theft can be found on our website. Here you will also find other important tips in case someone has logged into your account.

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