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Pill box

Medicines and dietary supplements in the form of tablets are part of everyday life for us. Many take pills at different times of the day, week or month that can only work properly if they are taken exactly as directed by a doctor. A pill box helps to ensure that you don't forget any pills.

The pill boxes differ in:

  • The pill box, a container with a compartment and lid
  • The daily dispenser with three to five compartments
  • The weekly dispenser for seven days and three to five compartments per day
  • The eDispenser, the medication storage with electronic reminder
  • The monthly dispenser

The medication dispenser should be easy to use, have no sharp corners and edges, close well and store the pills safely. If the pill box causes chaos, it is worthless, for example if it falls three feet from the table and all the tablets get mixed up. The pill box should also be stable enough in case you step on it. Even when traveling or on vacation, you won't lose an overview with pill boxes pre-sorted at home. If you are traveling for several weeks, you need more pill boxes with a weekly division or, better still, a pill box with a monthly division. Some have a slight tint and thus protect against light. With the tablet box for the day, it is practical to pour the tablets directly into your hand, nothing is lost.

Pill box for 1 day with 4 compartments

The tablet box is a simple and very inexpensive daily dispenser and the pills can be stored and removed from four compartments for four times a day. You have sorted the pills in the order in which they were taken and pull open the plastic tab until the tablets can be taken out. You can take the tablets one by one, there is enough space in the compartment, but you can also put the pills in your hand and then directly into your mouth. The entire tablet box weighs 18 g and has the dimensions 22.8 x 6.8 x 2.2 cm and is made entirely of soft plastic in white with a transparent flap.

There is no lock. The compartments are labeled with morning, noon, evening and night. The tablet box is manufactured by Sundo Homecare GmbH. The inexpensive tablet box is absolutely sufficient and highly recommended for daily needs. It is safe in the handbag or trouser pocket, everything stays inside and it hardly takes up any space. The wide lid is easy to slide open without any particular dexterity. This makes the high-quality tablet box easy to handle and especially suitable for seniors.

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M&H-24 medication dispenser for 7 days

After filling, the pill box for the whole week is set up so that the opening is at the bottom, i.e. you have to fill it so that it is sorted from the beginning to the end of the week. The compartment for the next day always slides down. Each day of the week, you pull out the tablet box separately and open it to conveniently remove your tablets and pills.

For a longer period of time you buy for vacation, cure or stay at home, it is best to buy several pill boxes so that you can dose your pills for the entire period. The dimensions of the complete pill box of the brand M & H-24:

  • Height about 12.5 cm
  • Width about 11.5 cm
  • Depth about 4.3 cm
  • Volume approx. 8.7 cm³

Dimensions for the individual days of the week:

  • Height about 1.5 cm
  • Width about 10.7 cm
  • Depth about 3.3 cm

Dimensions of the individual subjects:

  • Length about 2.8 cm
  • Width about 2.4 cm
  • Depth about 1.3 cm


  • The material: plastic
  • 7 drawers for Monday to Sunday
  • A total of 28 compartments for dosing
  • Each weekday has four compartments for morning, noon, evening and night

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Aidapt pill jar for one month

With 32 individual compartments, each with a clip for the morning and afternoon, and labeled with the date, you have your tablets under control for the whole month. however, the compartments are a bit small and overwhelmed with several large tablets.

The pill box is one of the few for a month. It is not very small: width x depth x height: 20 x 10 x 7 cm, but very practical. The tablet box is unreservedly recommended. The question of whether you have already taken the tablets or not does not arise with this box: there is either something in it or not and the compartment is empty. Dosed at the beginning of the month and dosed once for the days, the Aidapt brand tablet box is clear and time-saving.

  • Sort tablets for a month in advance
  • Colorful 32 parts
  • Each divided into AM = morning and PM = afternoon
  • The individual compartments are clicked into the bottom part for storage
  • Made of sturdy, washable plastic

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Pill box with 4 alarm times - digital tablet box (white or blue)

The digital tablet box with alarm is the best solution so that you don't forget your tablets. The tablet box has a timer with an alarm function. It reminds you to take your tablets.

The digital tablet box needs improvements: Many of the users cannot speak English because they are older than this. The instruction manual for setting the clock as well as the alarms is included in English, so they get support from their grandchildren. It is a bit impractical that the compartments cannot be opened individually. Otherwise, the pill box is highly recommended as a reminder to take the assorted, vital medication.

An alarm reminds you to take it. The tablet box from Tecwo is ideally suited for a target group who always and discreetly wants to be reminded of their tablet intake.

  • Pill box with a maximum of 8 acoustic alarms per day
  • 4 medicine compartments
  • With very simple operation
  • The display shows the current time and the alarm times clearly
  • Memory function
  • Four different alarm tones can be set
  • Power supply via button cell CR2025
  • Dimensions length x width x height: 10 x 7 cm x 2 cm
  • The CR2025 battery is included

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