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Important NOTE!

Please compare the fingering symbols shown in the detailed descriptions of the music books with the fingering chart for your instrument before ordering the music.

Would you like to order sheet music? Then please send me an e-mail with the subject "Sheet music order".

Delivery time usually approx. 2 weeks

Notes cannot be exchanged!

Sheet music from the Stennes-Falter studio

The motivation for developing and designing my music books was and is the creation of teaching material that is based on a methodicalstructured grade selection based. In my ocarina workshops you will receive an introduction to methodically well thought-out learning. If you want, you can continue the lesson for a longer period of time or you can continue learning autodidactically with the methodically well thought-out sheet music and only get support sporadically if necessary.

For every ocarina handle system a clear, legible one Tablature, that distinguishes the layout of these notes. The uniform style of my ocarina tablatures makes it easier to switch between different grip systems. This is particularly interesting for ocarina collectors who are interested in different types of ocarina.

My ocarina finder with fingering chart collection is divided into three groups:

The note finder contains a collection of fingering charts. Try out which fingering chart suits your ocarina. If matching music books are available, a link to the appropriate music collection will be displayed. If you can't find what you are looking for in these lists, you can also search for grades for the pitch range of your ocarina. If you send me the fingering chart for your ocarina, I can adjust the fingering if necessary.

Links to the notes grouped by pitch space:

- Sixth

- octave

- None

- decimes

- Undezime

The selection will be expanded bit by bit. The time until the next new release varies. It just depends on how much time I have right now

This list leads you directly to various collections of music whose tabs are tailored to the mentioned fingering system.

Notes for 4-hole ocarinas

English cross fingering

Handle symbols suitable for English Pendant Ocarinas without thumb holes that extend up to the 8th level;To the music book collection this way> click <

for Songstone (John Langley), Songshell (Terry Riley), Blockarina (Richard Voss) ...

Notes for 4-hole ocarinas

Easy Ocarina / handle system Rotter

for animal ocarinas and mussel ocarinas by Johann Rotter (ocarinamusic)

To the music book collection this way> click <

Notes for 6-hole ocarinas

Extended English cross fingering handle system

Suitable for instruments from many manufacturers if the scale extends up to the 10th level.

To the music book collection this way> click <

Notes for 6-finger / 7-hole ocarinas

Handle system Hans Houkes / "Leuke Fluitjes" / "stonewhistle"

Since "Stonewhistles" formerly "Leuke Flutjes" comes from Holland, I have put together a small collection of Dutch St. Nicholas songs. >>> for free download

Notes for 7-hole ocarinas

Handle system by Hans Rotter / "Ocarinamusic" and Arpád Takács

For the music book collection this way> click <

Notes for 7-finger / 8-hole ocarinas

Handle system Martin Lietsch workshop "Tone and Tone"For the music book collection this way> click <

Notes for 8-hole ocarinas

Handle system suitable for ocarinas by the Hungarian Arpád Takács (pear music) and the ocarinas by French Olivier Gosselink (Musique De Terre) Furthermore, Peru oarinas with 8 holes also seem to work with this handle system. Please be sure to check out the fingering chart!For the music book collection this way> click <

8- 8 - 8 - 8- 8

Notes for 8-hole traverse ocarinas

Handle system suitable for Travers ocarinas with 1 thumb hole that reach up to the 9th step;To the music book collection this way> click <

9 - 9 - 9 - 9- 9

Notes for 9-hole traverses ocarinas

Handle system suitable for traverse ocarinas with 2 thumb holes that reach up to the 10th level; For the music book collection this way> click <

9+   9+   9+   9+  9+

Notes for 9-hole traverses ocarinas with subhole

Handle system suitable for traverse ocarinas with 2 thumb holes that reach up to the 10th level and have a subhole for the lead tone; For the music book collection this way> click <

10 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10

Notes for 10-hole traverses ocarinas

Handle system suitable for Travers-Ocarinas with 2 thumb holes that reach up to the 11th level; For the music book collection this way> click <

11 - 11 - 11 - 11 - 11

Notes for 11-hole traverses ocarinas

Handle system suitable for traversing ocarinas with 1 subhole, which range from the deep 7th level to the 11th level; For the music book collection this way> click <

12 - 12 - 12 - 12 - 12

Notes for 12-hole traverses ocarinas

Handle system suitable for Travers-Ocarinas with 2 subholes, which range from the deep 6th level to the 11th level; To the music book collection this way> click <

- Multi-Chamber / Multi-Chamber -

Notes for multi-chamber traverses ocarinas

Without fingerprints; To the music book collection this way> click <

Duet Okarinas enable two-part play.

The tonal space of these ocarinas is very different. Therefore, for the various duet ocarinas, you need a repertoire tailored to the possibilities of these instruments.

Sheet music for the Cornetta by Giorgio Pacchioni (Italy)

Among other things, I am working on the one I acquired from Giorgio Pacchioni (Italy) in 2017 Cornetta. In 2019 I was able to present the first music book for this interesting double ocarina. Simple, intuitively playable duets are created on the Cornetta by parallel movements of the hands. In the following example you can hear and see an example of asymmetrical play.
To make it easier to learn the fingering combinations, all notes are combined with a fingering. Advanced learners can ignore the fingering and play according to the notes.
The song is included in my collection "Advent and Christmas carols arranged for the Cornetta"

Sheet music arranged for C ocarinas

without handwriting

Picked out

Songs, dance styles and some classical music

Square format 21 x 21;

104 pages,

Soft cover; Wire stitching

Price: 23,80€plus postage and packaging costs

Order number: ESTFA-PUB-N066-01-01

You are welcome to download and print out the sample pages for private use. Commercial use is not permitted. The copyright notice and the information on the website may not be removed.

You can call up notes for a certain range here:

> Notes for instruments that

- reach a maximum of the sixth (6th level);

- extend up to the octave (8th level);

- reach a maximum of ninth (9th level);

- reach a maximum of up to the decime (10th level);

- a maximum of up to the undecimal point (11th level are enough;

If necessary, I can also create notes with handwriting for types of instruments that have not yet been listed in the list of notes.

For this I need the fingering chart from you to which the tablature is to be adjusted.
Choose a music book with melodies whose pitch is completely covered by your instrument.

Ocarina notes with and without fingerprints

Notes that are tailored to making music with ocarinas do not necessarily have to be provided with tabs. It is particularly important that the music matches the pitch of an ocarina or is arranged in such a way that music with a larger pitch can be distributed across several ocarina players.

A safe hand-eye coordination when playing according to notes and a safe coordination of playing and listening is best learned with systematic textbooks.

Many people search the Internet for their favorite melodies and download free tabs. This is another way of achieving success as a hobby musician. In my experience, however, you will reach your goal more effectively and faster if you work with a methodically structured collection of notes.

On Pendant ocarinas I prefer to make music according to notes that are combined with fingering, because I play instruments with very different fingering systems. So I can quickly look up a grip in the middle of the game without having to look too far away from the notes.

At Travers ocarinas With one chamber, the handle systems are much more uniform, even if the number of handle holes is different. In the area of ​​the master scale, the differences only begin from the 10th scale level. The "Sun Ocarina" is the only exception that I know of so far.

At Multi-chamber ocarinas are Chamber change markings just as important as the fingerings on keyboard instruments. I enter them into "blank notes" by hand or I prepare notes with notes that are tailored to a specific fingering system. Depending on the handle system and the origin of the ocarina, there are some differences to note. In the course of time, various ocarina makers created small modifications both to the Pacchioni system and to the Vichinelli system. In 2018 and 2019, completely new concepts and interesting developments were presented, the peculiarities of which are hardly known in Europe.

The range of the first chamber and the overlap of the scales of the chambers cause great differences in the handling of the instruments. On this website I mainly limit myself to the presentation of the fingering charts and the description of the distinctive differences. If you would like to know more about this, you can attend a workshop for the following handle systems:

- Double Standard (system from focalink / Stein

- Double Pacchioni (system by Giorgio Pacchioni)

- Double Pacchioni (modification of Hense)

- Triple Standard (example from Clacol / Claudio Colombo)

- Triple Exclusive (handle system focalink / stone and ocarinamusic)

- Triple Pacchioni (system by Giorgio Pacchioni)

- Triple FABIO (system by ZongPei Zhang and Fabio Galliani)

- Quadruple Pacchioni (system by Giorgio Pacchioni)

These examples show a melody (an old Italian Christmas carol) that has been set up with handle symbols from various handle systems.

The following example comes from my booklet "Celtic Tunes", for which I have already collected 20 melodies.


I only publish works for which copyright can no longer be asserted. So the composer has been dead for at least 70 years or the works are of anonymous origin.

The works were set up by me for the various types of ocarina and, if necessary, also edited. The rights for the editing are with me.

I created the layout of the notes and tablature.

I created the tab fonts myself.

Therefore I own the copyright for the layout and the tabs.

I ask you to respect this and not to copy or otherwise reproduce and distribute the sheet music without permission.

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