Howa rifle parts Australia

Contribution from wene010676 »Thu 2nd Sep 2010, 10:06 pm

I also have a repeater in 223 Remi in front of me soon and will be with me this week
Kettner came across the Howa 1500.

I would be interested in the light models, the ones with a black shaft for around 699.00 or those with
green stock and stainless barrel for 799.00 (see Bock catalog

Are both of them good - they don't look bad in terms of workmanship, they were already holding them in my hands - I also like the Varmint barrel.

Does anyone know anything about the magazine capacity of these two models? - the seller did not know exactly and said only 3 cartridges go in.

And how are the riflescopes from Nikko Stirling, the nighteaters make you look good
very good impression - are they robust enough for a 223 or rather something for small caliber?

And one more question:

Does anyone know the Austia Arms Titan Allweather Repeater? - would also be an alternative.
Do any of you already have experience with Sell ​​them to private customers too
or is that a wholesaler? And do you get everything there for the given price? because the export price is always included ...

I know that was a lot of questions now ...