What is Jonge Bols

Jonge Bols Jenever 1L


  • Color: Jonge Bols Jenever 1L has a crystal clear appearance.
  • Aroma: Fresh and clean, with notes of apricot, grapefruit, juniper, and liquorice.
  • Taste: Crisp and natural on the palate, malty with a juniper tang, and a refreshing citrus astringency.

PRODUCER: As the oldest distilled spirit brand on the globe, Bols has been mastering the art of distilling and blending since 1575. Amsterdam being a trading city, the Bols family had many fruits, herbs, and spices to experiment with. The company already had hundreds of liqueur and spirit recipes in its treasure chest by 1820, when it created its world-changing genever recipe. The Bols portfolio now boasts over twenty brands in 110 countries. The distinctive long-necked bottle used for all Bols products was designed by bartenders.

COUNTRY: Netherlands

PRODUCTION DETAILS: 'Yonge' is 'young' in Dutch, and Jonge Bols Jenever 1L does indeed have the fresh, clean, mild quality you might associate with the word, having a lower alcohol content than the usual magic genever percentage of 42. Double -fired and cold-filtered, it is crafted with copper still triple-distilled malt spirit, with reference to the 1820 recipe which helped to define the cocktails of the Jazz Age a hundred years later. Fourteen botanicals are used, including angelica root, anise, and apricot kernels. Enjoy it cold, either poured over crushed ice; as a side to beer; mixed with coke; or as a shot from a tulip-shaped glass in the Dutch tradition.


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