Write a blank message in whatsapp

Send blank message to WhatsApp

How can you send a blank message in WhatsApp? How to send a WhatsApp message with no content when it doesn't work with a single space? One or the other WhatsApp user will surely have seen somewhere that friends have sent an empty message in an individual chat or in a group chat. If you want to do that and write a simple space in the message, then usually nothing happens, because a message with a space cannot be sent, at least this is the case with the current WhatsApp version on Android and iOS. So how do the others do a blank message on WhatsApp?

Send WhatsApp blank message

There are different ways how you can send a WhatsApp message without content, all you need is an invisible symbol. The invisible character is not found directly on the keyboard, but in a character table. Below are two ways you can send an empty WhatsApp message and both instructions work on both Android and iOS.

Copy invisible character and paste it into WhatsApp message

One possibility is to copy the invisible character. To do this, simply hold your finger on the invisible symbol shown below until it is highlighted. You can now copy the character via the context menu and then paste it by holding down the input field in the WhatsApp chat. You can find the invisible symbol between the brackets.

  • Copy invisible character: []

Anyone who has installed a Unicode app can also find the character under 0xFDFF.

Update: In the new WhatsApp version, you can only send an empty message using the following trick, since the invisible symbol is no longer accepted. First you have to type in the following special character `three times, then a few spaces and then three of the special characters. It then looks completely like this:

„`     „`.

Create invisible character for blank WhatsApp message on PC

If copying doesn't work, you can simply create a file with the invisible character on your PC or Mac and then send it to your mobile phone. To do this, simply open the notepad and press the key combination [ALT] + [255] on the numpad to create the character. Save the text file and transfer it to your mobile phone, for example via an email. Open the text file on your mobile phone, copy the character and paste it into the WhatsApp message.

Now you know how to send an empty message in WhatsApp on Android and iOS on the iPhone.