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"The Voice" 2020: Paula Dalla Corte wins the battle against Lisa-Marie

About Paula Dalla Corte

  • 19-year-old Paula wins the battles against competitor Lisa-Marie.
  • So she moves into the Sing-Offs for Team Samu & Rea
  • In the blind auditions, she has already convinced all coaches and secured a four-way buzzer
  • All information about the battles at "The Voice" 2020 can be found here at a glance

The battle with star appeal: Paula Dalla Corte against Lisa-Marie Christ

The battle between the two talents falls under the motto: opposites attract, because the voices of the musicians couldn't be more different: crystal clear versus rough and scratchy. Despite different voices, the two talents, the coaches, delight with their own version of "Livin 'on a Prayer". After the performance, no clear winner can be recognized: Lisa-Marie was more confident in her tones, Paula brought more energy.

"We hope we can beat everyone else with this talent. We're going to the next round with Paula," said Samu, announcing the coach's decision. Paula is very perplexed because she never thought she would get that far. As a battle winner, the 19-year-old musician moves into the sing-offs of "The Voice of Germany" and remains with Team Samu and Rea.

Paula and Lisa-Marie sing "Livin 'On A Prayer"

+++ News from October 12, 2020 +++

A girl with a lion's mane - and a special voice

"Hear me roar!", Paula Dalla Corte sings at her blind audition and inspires the coaches. After just a few tones, Nico Santos nods approvingly and Stefanie and Yvonne are not averse either. After only a few seconds they know: They want Paula on their team.

In the clip: Exclusively in advance - Paula Dalla Corte sings "Roar"

Six coaches with one song

The two female coaches are not the only ones, neither do the others want to let their talent slip by. Nico and Mark Forster hit their buzzers only a short time later. Finally, Rea and Samu also turn around.

Paula made it, she is on! She gets standing ovations from the coaches, but now has to make a tough decision: In which team does she want to strive for victory?

A new member for Team Samu & Rea

The singer from Switzerland is overwhelmed by the positive feedback she receives from all coaches for her voice and her performance. It is all the more difficult for them to choose a team. Ultimately, however, there is one thing that draws her to: the Samu & Rea team. The two coaches can look forward to a new talent.

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