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Contribution from Beer smith »Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:33 pm

Hello everybody,

after some time as a "reading novice" I need your help. Since my introduction in this forum I have tried a few beers and somehow the "exotic" always appeals to me. Well, exotic in the sense that I brewed a Trapsten beer, or a Cascadian Dark Ale, which is my absolute favorite. I will definitely stay tuned and try to refine the beer.
However, the last brewing attempts also left some residues .
In order to process another pack of Wyeast 1272 American Ale, I found a recipe for a Pale Ale at MaischeMalzundMehr, called Mi Casa (Chinook Amarillo Summer).
Since I have a 100l Polsinelli pot, I would like to brew 50l, but only have the malt for 30l, I can't find the 30l in my pot again .
I now have to replace 500g melanoidin malt and 200g CaraPils. What kind of malt can I use? I still have:
Wheat malt
Pilsen malt
Or is the project doomed to failure and I should order the missing malt?

thank you for your help

Greetings from the beer smith