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Some regional and national show choir competitions with Vocal Adrenaline
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Jesse St. James is the former lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline. He was also temporarily a member of New Directions, where he replaced Finn as the male lead singer. Not only did he cheat on New Directions, but he also broke Rachel's heart. Jesse is no longer a member of Vocal Adrenaline since he graduated.

He reappears in season two as an advisor to New Directions, as they need all the help they can get to beat Vocal Adrenaline at the Nationals.

In the third season he is the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, which he leads to victory at the Regionals and with which he takes second place at the Nationals.

In season six, he returns to persuade Rachel to return to Broadway. In dreams come true he married her in 2020 and became a Broadway director and actor.

He is from Jonathan Groff shown.


Jesse was a high school student at Carmel High School and the male lead singer for Vocal Adrenaline. He is now approximately 18 years old and attended the University of California, Los Angeles shortly after graduating from Carmel High. In the episode Rivals of the crown however, he mentions that he was kicked out of college for not taking all of his courses. Later at the Regionals and Nationals, in the third season, he appears as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

Season one

Jesse's first appearance is in the episode Hello hell. Rachel goes on a hunt for a "Hello" song and meets Jesse St. James, the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, in the music store. Rachel is immediately taken with him. Jesse persuades her to do a little duet in the store, which makes her fall in love with him. Jesse also invites her to do something with him. Rachel later visits Jesse and asks him if he is really serious about her. He makes it clear to her that he really likes her and that he is crazy about her. They kiss and Jesse looks at the happy-looking Shelby.

Subsequently The Power of Madonna Rachel hypothetically asks the other girls from Glee what to do if a boy wants to sleep with her. She had made out with Jesse after going to a concert last Friday and got into such a situation, but she was not ready yet, which slightly disappointed Jesse. Jesse and Rachel later meet secretly in the McKinley school library. He apologizes for pushing her like this. He was ready to wait for her. Rachel, however, says she's ready. Rachel stands in the bathroom wondering if she's ready for the evening. Finn and Emma feel the same way. The three couples, Santana and Finn, Emma and Will and Jesse and Rachel, sing in a dream sequence Like a virgin. But as it turns out, she and Rachel are still waiting because it is not that far. The next day, at the Glee rehearsal, Will explains that Jesse is now part of the Glee Club. He switched schools so he could be closer to Rachel. Finn

don't like this whole thing at all. Some also believe that Jesse is just a spy. Kurt and Mercedes are also upset because they will hardly get a solo with Jesse in the team. But Will makes it clear that they have always accepted everyone so far and that that is fair now. Jesse tells Rachel that he loves her so much that he doesn't care about another Vocal Adrenaline title. At the end of the episode, Finn apologizes to Rachel because he was just jealous of Jesse because he missed his chance because he was so callous. Jesse wants to challenge Finn, but Finn would rather rehearse a song with him that he has chosen.

Subsequently Bad reputation the kids watch a video and have a lot of fun. The video shows Sue doing an Olivia Newton-John song, Physical, dances. Kurt stole it from her office. The students decide that they can pay Sue back. Finn puts the video in on Youtube. Rachel later presents her video at the Glee rehearsal, which shows her alternating with Puck, Finn and Jesse. Since none of the three knew that the other boys would also be there, they are angry because the video only serves to portray Rachel herself and to pretend that she has the hearts of three boys in her hand because everyone is around they fight. Jesse explains to Rachel that before he knew her, he asked around what was known about her at school. Many of the students didn't even know who she was, but if there was anything she was said to be trusted. Rachel says this is still the case. She just has an urgent need for popularity that she sometimes beats too severely. As a star, he must understand that. Jesse says that he gave up his fame for her and that it should have been enough for her. Rachel asks him why he's breaking her heart, and Jesse says she broke his first.

In The dream makes the music Jesse appears again. He helps Rachel look for her biological mother. This is revealed to be an order from Shelby, but Jesse confesses to him that he is beginning to fall in love with Rachel, but Shelby just wanted him to befriend her so she would finally be able to get on with her daughter hold true. Nothing is said about this being an attempt to sabotage New Directions.

In Triumph or sadness? Quinn's amniotic sac bursts. Then everyone immediately goes to the hospital, only Rachel stays behind to see the performance of the Vocal Adrenaline. While Jesse together with Vocal Adrenaline at the Regionals too Bohemian Rhapsody sing, scenes from Quinn's birth can be seen, which are well adapted to the lyrics. Furthermore, Jesse often looks at Rachel. After a while, the jury comes on stage with its decision and announces who will be in the first two places. Aural Intensity landed in second place, with which the battle for first place between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions is fought. Sue finally announces that Vocal Adrenaline will take the trophy home with them, which puts everyone at New Directions down.

Season two

Before Jesse in the episode Rivals of the crown appears, he was mentioned twice by Rachel. The first time in Cupid must be crazywhen Rachel admits to Finn that she hadn't slept with Jesse and the second time in Night of the Neglectedwhen Rachel says it was wrong to trust Jesse back then and that they shouldn't make the same mistake with Sunshine.

In Rivals of the crown Rachel practices her appearance for the prom. When she starts singing, Jesse appears and sings a duet with her Rolling in the deep. Jesse dropped out of college because he didn't take all classes. He wanted to see Rachel again to apologize to her for everything. He regrets very much what he did to her back then and asks her directly who she goes to prom with. Rachel then wants Jesse to accompany her, Mercedes, and Sam. Nearby, Mercedes, Sam, Rachel and Jesse are sitting together and talking. Jesse shares his idea with the others: he wants to open a dance studio and help various school choir groups so that they get that certain something. Rachel is thrilled and immediately sure that Will will hire Jesse and she could beat Vocal Adrenaline with it. The four are disturbed by Quinn and Finn, who immediately messes with Jesse, but Jesse knows how to defend himself. When Finn sees Rachel's intimate dancing with Jesse at prom, he walks up to them and starts arguing with Jesse. The argument gets out of hand, and when Finn hits Jesse in the face, Sue tears the two apart and bans them from prom.

In Funeral ceremony Introduces Will Jesse as the Glee Club's new advisor. Except for Rachel, nobody is enthusiastic about the idea, especially Finn. When Will tells the kids that he would also like to perform self-written songs at the Nationals, with a group performance and a duet, Jesse makes it clear to him that only one strategy will help him win: the star of the Glee Club performs a solo Number and everyone else support him or her in this. To find out who this "star" is among the members, Will suggests an audition. Rachel signs up to attend the solo audition. Next to her, only Santana, Kurt and Mercedes are on the list. Jesse and Will have the applicants audition for the solo. Santana starts off and Jesse criticizes her after her performance, which she is not particularly satisfied with. Directly after her is Kurt, who is performing a song that is originally sung by a woman, for which Jesse reproaches him. When Kurt complains to his competitors, Mercedes is determined to show Jesse what she can do, but Jesse only accuses her of being lazy after her performance. Rachel brings up the rear and sings a song that touches her emotionally. Jesse is thrilled and the other competitors immediately think that there is something wrong with that. Will and Jesse discuss auditioning, and Jesse clearly has Rachel as a favorite. Brittany tapes the conversation between the two of them, but Will is uncomfortable with it. He doesn't want to favor any of the kids, but Jesse is confident that with Rachel starring them, they will win the Nationals.

Jesse meets Rachel in the auditorium to tell her she'll get the solo at the Nationals. She is happy but worried that others will hate her for it. Jesse tries to comfort her and the two kiss. Finn watches them with a flower in hand that was meant for Rachel. When Rachel and Jesse run into Kurt, Santana, and Mercedes in the hallway, they see that Will has called an important meeting with all of the Glee Kids. He's changed his mind and wants the kids to sing their own songs together at the Nationals because they're best when they work together as a team.

In New York! Finn and Rachel talk about their kiss after the second appearance, and Jesse joins them just to let them know that the kiss was unprofessional and will most likely cost them victory. Finn can't believe it because he is still excited about the kiss, but that excitement doesn't last long. Because Jesse was right. The New Directions didn't even make it into the top ten.

Season three

In Saturday Night Glee-ver it becomes known that Jesse is now the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Wade says he is very strict. He appears during Vocal Adrenaline's Regionals. He is very shocked when he sees that Wade wants to go on stage in a woman's dress. He tries to get him off the stage during his performance, but the performance creates great enthusiasm and Vocal Adrenaline wins the Regionals.

In And the winner is ... is Jesse with Vocal Adrenaline in Chicago at the Nationals. Shortly before the performance, he speaks

with Rachel and wishes her the best of luck, although he is sure that Vocal Adrenaline will win. Later he also talks to Finn and wishes him the best of luck for his wedding to Rachel. After all the choirs have sung, he goes to Carmen Tibideaux and tells her about Rachel's talent. He says that he also applied for NYADA two years ago and Carmen told him he had potential. Carmen says she doesn't remember him as hundreds of people apply to her with hopes every year. When Jesse is about to leave, Carmen remembers him and criticizes some of his singing, but says that she was enthusiastic about his passion and wishes him good luck in the future. Jesse can later be seen on stage with Vocal Adrenaline, who took second place at the Nationals.

It is not known whether Jesse is currently still the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, as Dustin Goolsby was fired the previous year because Vocal Adrenaline "only" took second place in that year.

Season six