Loceryl nail polish instructions for tying

Loceryl nail polish against nail fungus.

Active ingredient: amorolfine
Composition: 1 ml contains 50.0 mg amorolfine (as hydrochloride). Other ingredients: ethanol, ethyl acetate poly (ethyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, trimethylammonioethyl methacrylate chloride) 1: 2: 0.2, butyl acetate, triacetin.

Application areas:
Nail mycoses (especially in the distal area with an infestation below 80% of the nail surface), caused by dermatophytes and yeasts.

Loceryl Nagellack must not be re-used in patients who have been hypersensitive to the treatment.

Side effects:
A slight, temporary periungual burning sensation, pruritus, erythema and vesicle formation have been observed very rarely after the application of Loceryl nail polish. Rare cases of nail changes (e.g. discoloration, brittle or broken nails) have been reported with the use of Loceryl nail polish. This reaction can also be attributed to the onychomycosis itself.

• Pack of 3ml of active ingredient-containing nail polish (including 30 swabs for cleaning, 10 spatulas for application, 30 nail files for the diseased nails)