Where on earth is Melissa Telaak

Melissa Naschenweng

Melissa Naschenweng, 30 years old, grew up in the Carinthian Lesach Valley and has been more than just a whiz kid in the music market for two years. In three months her number 1 chart album 'Wirbelwind' has crossed the gold line, more than 180 appearances per year and YouTube clicks over 10 million are no coincidence. Rather from Melissa's LederHosenRock that she plays, sings and lives! The Lesach Valley is where Melissa comes from, where she lives, where she was musically socialized by her father and grandfather. Since childhood, nothing has worked without a harmonica - also because she has meanwhile firmly embedded the harmonica in rock'n'roll and thus shows her audience that women in rustic rock can certainly pull the part off boys. If you have any doubts, let it be written behind your ears: mountain farmers, respectively the boys among them, driving a tractor, mowing meadows, chopping wood are in her case not clichés sung about, but simply taken from Melissa's life. Melissa is like the valley. With rough edges, romantic and wild. Hard and tender. Pink lederhosen, pink harmonica, Melissa's pink world in the middle of the mountains and when she sings about mountain farmer boys, whom she prefers, she doesn't let herself be carried away to give up the dirndl that is always available. This also has a lot to do with female self-confidence.