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Actors: "Love Story" and other love dramas - Ryan O'Neal turns 80

Los Angeles (AP) - A good 50 years after the "Love Story" premiere, Ryan O'Neal owes the love classic from 1970 another honor. The gray actor, who turns 80 this Tuesday (April 20), has not been in front of the film camera for a long time.

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O'Neal was all the more moved at a rare appearance in February, when he was celebrated with a star plaque on Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" together with the silver-haired Ali MacGraw.

O'Neal said, visibly touched, that he was happy to live long enough to receive this Hollywood award. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the leading actor duo appeared in video channels. The award took place shortly before Valentine's Day, on the occasion of the 50th "Love Story" anniversary - the film premiered in the USA in December 1970.

O'Neal, who had his son Patrick (53) by his side during the video appearance, looked back on his first experience on Hollywood Boulevard with amusement. As a high school student, he'd hang around there with other boys and fight over girls. "I thought there would be jail, but not a star," joked the star.

"Love Story" made O'Neal and MacGraw the Hollywood dream couple overnight. The romance between the Harvard student Oliver from a rich family, who marries the beautiful but improperly poor Jenny against his father's will and ultimately loses her to cancer, moved millions of moviegoers to tears. Director Arthur Hiller's melodrama received seven Oscar nominations, including for the two main actors. Unforgettable is the sentence: "Love means never having to say you're sorry": Love means never having to ask for forgiveness.

In private they were never a real couple, but their love for the canvas continued for a long time. In 2015 the two actors toured across the United States with the play "Love Letters". In it they played aging friends who wrote letters and cards to each other over 50 years and summed up love and friendship.

After two short marriages in the 1960s, with actresses Joanna Moore and Leigh Taylor-Young, Farrah Fawcett entered his life in the late 1970s. O'Neal spent eventful decades with the "Charlie's Angels" star, with declarations of love, separations and a marriage proposal shortly before Fawcett's cancer death in June 2009.

"I asked for her hand again and she said yes," said O'Neal in an interview with US broadcaster ABC. There was no longer a bedside wedding; Fawcett was already dying. In her will, the actress did not consider the longtime partner. Their son Redmond (36), who often made headlines with addiction problems and criminal offenses, received the millionaire inheritance.

The father of four did not have an easy relationship with his other children either. His daughter Tatum (57) received the Oscar for best supporting actress when she was ten years old for her role in "Paper Moon" at the side of her father. In 2004 she unpacked an autobiography about her previous heroin addiction. In an interview with the broadcaster ABC in 2011, the actress spoke about years of radio silence with her father. Only now do you come closer again.

As the son of screenwriter Charles O'Neal and actress Patricia Callaghan, Ryan was early on in the film business. But he also trained as an amateur boxer before landing smaller TV roles in the late 1950s. The breakthrough came with the soap opera "Peyton Place" (1964 to 1969), in which the then unknown Mia Farrow played.

After "Love Story" O'Neal was one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors. He starred alongside Barbra Streisand in Peter Bogdanovich's screwball comedy "Is what, Doc?" (1972) starred. In "Paper Moon" (1973) he shone as a con artist who got through with a little girl, played by daughter Tatum, during the Great Depression. Stanley Kubrick brought him in front of the camera for the society satire "Barry Lyndon".

After that, the 70s blonde star's screen fame faded. He has made minor films including "Triple Trouble" with Drew Barrymore and "A Heavenly Lover" with Robert Downey Jr. and Cybill Shepherd. O'Neal later switched to television, for example for "Desperate Housewives" or the crime series "Bones" (2006-2017). O'Neal made a small appearance in his last film to date in "Knight of Cups" (2015), directed by Terrence Malick.

The distributors have chosen the place for O'Neal's star plaque in the heart of Hollywood well. On one side, the star of "Love Story" partner Ali MacGraw is embedded in the sidewalk, on the other side Farrah Fawcett's name is immortalized in the famous promenade.