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    Re: Various reports and messages on the topic

    Update jellyfish attack on Israeli nuclear power plant (this is clearly referred to as an ATTACK):

    EDIS Number BH-20110706-31428-ISR
    Event type: Biological Hazard Date / time [UTC]: 06/07/2011 - 03:10:29
    Country: Israel Area: Hadera Power Plant (?)
    County / State: Haifa City: -
    Cause of event: Unknown Log date [UTC]: 06/07/2011 - 03:10:29
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 32 ° 28.119 Longitude: 34 ° 53.068
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    Situation Update No. 2
    On 07/07/2011 at 03:09 GMT + 2

    Gelatinous creatures muck up filters at Hadera power plant; Global warming, overfishing may be contributing to the glow of local species. Over the past few days, schools of jellyfish inundated the seawater cooling system at the Orot Rabin coal power plant in Hadera, requiring a mechanical "trash-rake" to pull them off the bars of the undersea-filtration grill. Trucks were subsequently utilized to transfer the jellyfish to a mass disposal area, the Israel Electric Corporation said. While the plant suffered from the jellyfish implosion from the weekend through Tuesday, by Wednesday the problem was under control, and the facility did not have to shut down during the cleaning process, according to Deputy Spokeswoman Iris Ben-Shahal. The Environmental Protection Ministry has granted the IEC a permit to capture the jellyfish and then shuttle them in huge containers to a dumping site, she explained. The trash-rake, a mechanical-comb system, is regularly used about twice a day to clear fish, plastic bags and jellyfish - but during times of "attack," the rake is in operation 24 hours per day, IEC marine ecologist Dr. Anat Glazer said. The problem was so great that the IEC took extra precautionary measures during the onslaught and attempted to seize some of the fish before they got to the site, according to Ben- Shahal.

    "Some people went to boats and put out nets to catch the jellyfish before they came because it was such a huge attack," Ben-Shahal told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. "We thought the strainers and combs wouldn't be able to catch them all." But Glazer said that while these boats were "better than nothing," they collect very few compared to the amount pouring in during periods like the past few days. In the past, she said she tried to install a "Jacuzzi-like" screen of bubbles, but the pressure wasn't strong enough to block them. The jellyfish are not particularly drawn to the power plant cooling systems; rather, they "largely drift with the currents, migrating only vertically in the water column as non-visual, ambush feeders," according to Dr. Bella Galil, senior scientist at the National Institute of Oceanography. "The jellyfish are not 'attracted' to the water intakes - they are 'sucked in' - involuntarily," she told the Post Wednesday afternoon. While by Wednesday the waves were no longer shuttling the jellyfish in such mass quantities, the trash-rake was still operating, Glazer said. Experts couldn't confirm whether the hordes are larger than previous years.

    "Our impression - and I emphasize the word 'impression,' which is not a scientific word - is that it's considerable this year," said Prof. Ehud Spanier, a marine biologist and ecologist at the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies and in the Department of Maritime Civilizations at the Leon H. Charney School for Marine Sciences. "One thing for sure is that in the last two or three years they have been appearing in more months than previously," he added. The jellyfish, which were introduced to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal 29 years ago, used to only appear in June through September, as well as February and March, but in the past few years they have had a significant presence year-round, according to Spaniards. The Levant Basin of the eastern Mediterranean is "the only place on earth with four alien-scyphozoan jellyfish concurrently," all of whom migrated from the Suez, added Galil. When the jellyfish come in "big concentrations," scientists have found that there are often accompanying "big concentrations of rubbish ... which is another problem that we suffer from," Spanier explained. Spanier said that there are many different reasons for the jellyfish explosion - both in Israel and worldwide - including global warming, which has increased sea temperatures significantly and provides a good environment for jellyfish, but less so for other species.

    "Also, over-fishing, which is very clearly happening along out coast, can [eliminate] potential predators of the jellyfish that are a protective unit," Spanier added. "These jellyfish have unbelievable reproductive potential. They can reproduce throughout the year ... and they spawn hundreds of thousands of eggs." Galil agreed, noting that Mediterranean fish stocks are in decline and that "once jellyfish become dominant in a region, annual cycles of strong jellyfish production may inhibit the revival of some depleted fish stocks since they routinely compete for plankton prey with juvenile, and many adults , pelagic fish. " As far as the future of the season goes, none of the scientists were able to predict what Israelis - and their power stations - should expect in the coming months. However, only a few years ago a similar problem closed the large Ashkelon power plant. "There is no rule on the behavior of the jellyfish," Glazer said. "The power plant wishes to know the future because they want to be ready for such an attack."

    Situation Update No. 1
    On 07/06/2011 at 13:51 GMT + 2

    A surge of jellyfish wreaked havoc in the U.S. during the country's big Fourth of July holiday weekend. Almost 2,000 beach-goers were stung as they celebrated Independence Day weekend in the surf at Volusia County, Florida. And in Israel a huge swarm clogged up the Orot Rabin power station in Hadera, a day after the Torness nuclear facility in Scotland was closed in a similar incident. Hadera ran into trouble when jellyfish blocked its seawater supply, which it uses for cooling purposes, forcing officials to use diggers to remove them. In Florida, Beach Patrol spokeswoman Captain Tamara Marris reported the staggering statistics but stressed that no victims were seriously injured. Amid soaring temperatures in the sunshine state, Jellyfish targeted sunseekers along a 20-mile stretch from Ormond Beach to New Smyrna Beach. The influx was thought to be down to onshore winds bringing more jellyfish into contact with bathers. Beach officials identified two species as the culprits - moon and cannonball jellyfish - but say moon jellyfish are likely to be the main culprits. 'The cannonball jellyfish is not really a stinging jellyfish,' Marris said. 'It's really not a seasonal thing. They are just at the mercy of the wind and current, so they can show up any time of the year. ' Scientists say the number of jellyfish are on the rise thanks to the increasing acidity of the world's oceans driving away the blubbery creatures' natural predators.

    The warning came in a report into ocean acidification - an often overlooked side effect of burning fossil fuel. Studies have shown that higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doesn't just trigger climate change but can make the oceans more acidic. Since the start of the industrial revolution, acidity levels of the oceans have gone up 30 per cent, marine biologists say. The report, published in December 2010 by the UN Environment Program, warns that the acidification of oceans makes it harder for coral reefs and shellfish to form skeletons - threatening larger creatures that depend on them for food. The decline in creatures with shells could trigger an explosion in jellyfish populations. The report, written by Dr Carol Turley of Plymouth University, said: 'Ocean acidification has also been tentatively linked to increased jellyfish numbers and changes in fish abundance.' Jellyfish are immune to the effects of acidification. As other species decline, jellyfish will move in to fill the ecological niche. Populations have boomed in the Mediterranean in recent years. Some marine scientists say the changing chemistry of the sea is to blame.

    Link: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/woalert_read.php?edis=BH-20110706-31428-ISR


    No, I don't think so here ... I believe that this is a real and clear warning from our earth (all life supposedly originated in the sea) to us humans ... because by chance it can no longer be explained (Attack by swarms of jellyfish on THREE nuclear power plants (Scotland, Japan and Israel) within a week ??? )
    And I think the message is clear ... It is:

    Human beings immediately shut down all nuclear power plants, WORLDWIDE. Otherwise you will be hit by a nuclear catastrophe of an unnamed extent (maybe a worldwide power failure due to the solar storms to be expected?) .. at least I understand it .. could be completely wrong and it has no meaning at all ..

    Here's another jellyfish attack:


    EDIS Number BH-20110706-31440-USA
    Event type: Biological Hazard Date / time [UTC]: 06/07/2011 - 17:05:04
    Country: USA (Pacific Region) Area: Tybee Island
    County / State: State of Georgia City: -
    Cause of event: Unknown Log date [UTC]: 06/07/2011 - 17:05:04
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 32 ° 0.030 Longitude: 80 ° 50.409
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): 894
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    Authorities say 894 people were stung by jellyfish during the Fourth of July holiday weekend on Tybee Island, off the Georgia coast. Tybee Ocean Rescue Lt. Hunter Robinson says he thinks the number of attacks is unusual for this time of year at the popular tourist destination near Savannah. Robinson said the high number of victims might be because the water in the area heated up quickly this year, compared to previous years.

    The whole thing is very strange.

    Greetings to Norrin

    Ps: in this context it just turned out that a mess was uncovered at the Scottish nuclear power plant, which I do not want to withhold from you:

    Link: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/woalert_read.php?edis=HZ-20110706-31438-GBR

    EDIS Number HZ-20110706-31438-GBR
    Event type: HAZMAT Date / time [UTC]: 06/07/2011 - 13:54:22
    Country: United Kingdom Area: Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment
    County / State: Scotland City: Caithness
    Cause of event: Unknown Log date [UTC]: 06/07/2011 - 13:54:22
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 58 ° 34.643 Longitude: 3 ° 45.270
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    High-hazard fragments of reactor fuel have been discovered on the seabed off Dounreay. The latest trawl of the contaminated seabed recovered 38 high-hazard fragments of reactor fuel. Each has over one million bequerels of radioactivity and has the potential to cause significant harm to human health. They have been detected and retrieved by a remote control robot launched from a barge anchored just off the shoreline. Contractor Land and Marine left at the weekend after completing a nine-week operation. In all, 351 particles of reprocessed fuel were found and brought back to the atom plant for analysis. It is the high-hazard ones which plant contractors DSRL is targeting in its multi-million pound drive to help clean up the local coastline. The pollution stems from historic sloppy waste practices at the former fast reactor site. A 22-strong team worked round-the-clock, scanning an area the size of 36 international football pitches. The robot - the size of a small bulldozer - worked at depths of up to 30 meters. Last year's survey unearthed over 400 particles, including 74 in the high-hazard category. The latest trawl brings the total of seabed particles recovered to 1884. A further 481 have been recovered, nearly all from the Dounreay foreshore and Sandside each, near Reay. A two-mile fishing exclusion zone has been in place since the seabed pollution was detected in 1997.
    Truth is where you live yourself, where you live yours
    Giving individuality a chance.
    (by Monika Minder)
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    Re: Various reports and messages on the topic

    @ Forest fairy

    Interesting ... do you have any links for me regarding the cosmic jellyfish?

    LG Norrin
    Truth is where you live yourself, where you live yours
    Giving individuality a chance.
    (by Monika Minder)
    All our / my contributions are based on GG Art. 5 and 21 in conjunction with GG Art. 20

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    Re: Various reports and messages on the topic

    Another natural phenomenon:

    First the idea of ​​the animal:


    Here is the event:


    EDIS Number BH-20110708-31461-NZL
    Event type: Biological Hazard Date / time [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 03:34:45
    Country: New Zealand Area: Matiatia, Waiheke Island
    County / State: North Island City: -
    Cause of event: Unknown Log date [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 03:34:45
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 36 ° 45.660 Longitude: 174 ° 58.800
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    Toxic sea slugs which killed several dogs on the beaches of Auckland's North Shore over the last two winters are back, this time on Waiheke Island. Auckland Council positively identified two of the slugs on rocks at Matiatia Bay on Waiheke Island last week. Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) has issued a warning that beachgoers should avoid touching or handling sea slugs at all beaches across the Auckland region. The small size of sea slugs means it's important for beach-goers to be mindful of little children and what they may pick up at the beach. "We want people to enjoy our beautiful coastline but keep in mind this potential on-going risk to children and pets," ARPHS medical officer of health Dr Simon Baker said.

    The ARPHS issued the following public health advice.
    - Children and pets need to be supervised on all Auckland beaches, not just those bordering the Hauraki Gulf.
    - Adults, children and pets should not eat anything found washed up on any beach.
    - Parents need to be aware of where their children are swimming or playing, and what they are handling.
    - Sea slugs on any beach must be avoided.

    Anyone who finds a sea slug along the Auckland coastline should mark the spot, leave it alone and contact Auckland Council and ask for an environmental health officer, who will collect the slug. Auckland Council marine scientist, Dr Jarrod Walker, said he was not expecting the high density of toxic sea slugs that occurred at Narrow Neck and Cheltenham beaches during the 2009-2010 season. Auckland Council said it would continue monitoring beaches.

    Next a "minor nuclear accident in Russia:

    EDIS Number NC-20110708-31456-RUS
    Event type: Nuclear Event Date / time [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 02:56:07
    Country: Russia [Europe] Area: Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant
    County / State: Saratov Oblast City: Balakovo
    Cause of event: Powerful thunderstorm Log date [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 02:56:07
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 52 ° 5,618 Longitude: 47 ° 57,340
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    A powerful thunderstorm forced the shutdown of one of the reactors at the Balakovskaya nuclear power plant (NPP) in central Russia, the NPP's press service said on Friday. "A thunderstorm on the border of the Saratov and the Samara regions in late evening on July 7, damaged two power supply lines serving the fourth reactor at the Balakovskaya NPP, causing an automatic safety shutdown," the press service said in a statement. Radiation levels around the NPP remain unchanged and the work of the fourth reactor will resume after the repairs on two damaged power lines have been done. The Balakovskaya NPP has four modernized VVER-1000 nuclear reactors with power output of 1,000 MWt each. Only two of them are currently operational as the first reactor was shut down for scheduled maintenance on June 8 for 60 days.Natural disasters pose a real threat to nuclear power installations around the world. The recent double-disaster tragedy in Japan has confirmed the vulnerability of the NPP's with most sophisticated safety features.

    Here an airplane emergency landing due to a lightning strike (is actually unusual, since airplanes are very well protected against lightning strikes ... must have been an exceptionally violent lightning strike ... )


    EDIS Number VIV-20110708-31458-NZL
    Event type: Vehicle Incident Date / time [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 03:12:51
    Country: New Zealand Area: RNZAF Base, Auckland
    County / State: North Island City: -
    Cause of event: Unknown Log date [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 03:12:51
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 36 ° 47.452 Longitude: 174 ° 37.888
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    A Royal New Zealand Air Force 757 has made an emergency landing after being hit by lightning while on a flight from Auckland to Wellington. The aircraft was forced to return to Whenuapai air base in Auckland after it was struck just after it took off on Friday morning, air force spokesman Squadron Leader Kavae Tamariki told NZPA. The plane landed safely about 9.45am local time, Sqn Ldr Tamariki said. Fire services at the air base were earlier put on standby. Sqn Ldr Tamariki said engineers would speak to defense staff who were on the plane to find out what happened. They would also be checking it for damage.

    And here's an update on the jellyfish attack at the Scottish nuclear power plant:


    EDIS Number NC-20110629-31340-GBR
    Event type: Nuclear Event Date / time [UTC]: 29/06/2011 - 03:29:53
    Country: United Kingdom Area: Torness Nuclear Power Station
    County / State: Scotland City: Torness
    Cause of event: Massive Jellyfish invasion Log date [UTC]: 29/06/2011 - 03:29:53
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 55 ° 58.105 Longitude: 2 ° 24.546
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    Update number 4:

    Situation Update No. 4th
    On 07/07/2011 at 11:13 GMT + 2

    Both of Torness Power Station's nuclear reactors have returned to full power after an influx of jellyfish forced them to shut down last week. Unit 1 at the Dunbar station, run by EDF Energy, returned to service last Friday (July 1) having been shut down two days earlier. The station's other unit went back online on Tuesday. High volumes of jellyfish had been found on seawater screens at Torness, which filter debris out of water entering the plant to cool it down. It is not known why there were so many of the creatures in the area. The incident has led to renewed calls from environmentalists for the government to get rid of "risky" nuclear reactors in favor of "safer" alternatives. EDF Energy had performed the shutdown as a precautionary measure but insisted members of the public had not been in any danger. Local fishermen on three trawlers helped remove the moon jellyfish from the seas around the site, allowing the station to be returned to service. Paul Winkle, station director, said: "I'm delighted we have the units back. This is, in part, down to the great efforts of local fishermen who have helped clear the jellyfish from near the station." The decision to shut down reactors proved right and showed that all here at Torness have safety at the heart of everything they do. "But Louise Hutchins, Greenpeace climate campaigner, claimed the unusual incident was just one reason why nuclear power stations should no longer be in use." You couldn't make it up - a multi-million pound, supposedly fail-safe nuclear plant is shut down because of a few jellyfish, "she said." It's time this Government developed some backbone and stopped bending to nuclear industry pressure for more of these risky reactors and instead invested in safe and reliable renewable energy. "Torness was one of three UK stations reported to Government ministers in February after ground water at the plant was found to be contaminated with radioactive tritium leaking from two pipelines. EDF Energy subsequently moved to reassure residents there had been no danger to the public and that the nature of the incident had been "extremely minor".

    And finally a tornado in Canada:


    EDIS Number TO-20110708-31459-CAN
    Event type: Tornado Date / time [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 03:14:29
    Country: Canada Area: -
    County / State: Province of Alberta City: Calgary
    Cause of event: Unknown Log date [UTC]: 08/07/2011 - 03:14:29
    Damage level: Time left: -
    Latitude: 51 ° 2,700 Longitude: 114 ° 3,433
    Dead person (s): N / A Injured person (s): N / A
    Missing person (s): N / A Infected person (s): N / A
    Evacuated person (s): N / A Affected person (s): N / A

    A tornado has touched down near Sundre and a thunderstorm warning - with a potential for golf-ball sized hail - has been issued for many areas throughout the province. Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for the Sundre area in Mountain View County at 4:49 p.m. Thursday after a pilot doing weather modification over crops near the community of Bergen reported seeing a brief tornado touch down nine minutes earlier. Bergen is about 12 kilometers south of Sundre, in Central Alberta. The tornado was upgraded from a severe thunderstorm warning. "We haven’t had any reports of injury or damage," said Chris Wielki, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, which issued the tornado information just before 5:30 p.m. The tornado is tracking east at about 15 km / h, he said. Thunderstorms have started to trigger along the foothills and will track into Central Alberta this evening. Some of these thunderstorms are expected to become severe giving large hail, strong winds and heavy rain, according to a news release from Environment Canada. The town of Sundre has also seen 33 mms of rain in the past hour and golf ball sized hail, said Wielki. There are thunderstorm watches through most of Central Alberta. “As with most storms there is the potential for hails as the evening progresses,” Wielki said.

    MfG Norrin
    Truth is where you live yourself, where you live yours
    Giving individuality a chance.
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    Re: Various reports and messages on the topic

    On 07/07/2011 the earthquake in New Zealand and on 05/07/2011 this one, an object on the way to the sun:

    [tele1: 2p0bzxvt] [/ tele1: 2p0bzxvt]
    viewtopic.php? f = 9 & t = 737 & p = 32402 # p32402

    "We are not here to change the world. We are here for the world to change us. "
    "We are not here to change the world. We are here to change the world."

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    Re: Various reports and messages on the topic

    @ Forest fairy

    Interesting ... do you have any links for me regarding the cosmic jellyfish?

    LG Norrin

    and here more jellyfish:


    "We are not here to change the world. We are here for the world to change us. "
    "We are not here to change the world. We are here to change the world."

    Unknown author

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    Re: Various reports and messages on the topic

    http://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-abs_connect?return_req=no_params&arxiv_sel=ALL&db_key=PRE&text=This%20paper%20is%20a%20copy%20of%20an%20unpu blished% 20study% 20of% 20the% 20filtering % 20effect% 20 of% 0Ared% 20maple% 20trees% 20% 28acer% 20rubrum% 29% 20o n% 20fission% 20product% 20fallout% 20near% 0ABinghamto n,% 20NY,% 20USA% 20following% 20the% 201986% 20Chernoby l% 20accident .% 20The% 0Aconclusions% 20of% 20this% 20wo rk% 20may% 20offer% 20some% 20insight% 20into% 20what% 20 is% 20happening% 0Ain% 20the% 20forests% 20exposed% 20to% 20fallout% 20from% 20the% 20Fukushima% 20Daiichi% 20Nu clear% 0APlant% 20accident.% 20This% 20posting% 20is% 20 in% 20memory% 20of% 20Noel% 20K.% 20Yeh.% 0A + Physics% 20-% 20Popular% 20Physics,% 20Physics% 20-% 20Physics% 20and% 20Society + & title = Trees% 20as% 20Filters% 20of% 20Radioactive% 20Fa llout% 20from% 20the% 20Chernobyl% 20Accident


    Sign on
    SAO / NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
    Query Results from the arXiv e-prints database
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    Retrieved 200 abstracts, starting with number 1. Total number selected: 545828.

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