What is Dialog Boost GTA 5

The sound for the TV, radio, and movie theater in the game is extremely low even though I have them set to the highest setting in options. I have my TV volume set high and the sound effects and talking from the characters work accordingly, but the radio and other stuff just stays low. Is there a way to fix this? I usually like to roam around listening to the radio, but this is the first GTA game I can't do that.

the sound volume always seem weird to me in rockstar games

maybe turn down the sound effects bar but leave the radio sound up.

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I turned the sound effects bar down like three notches and left the music bar at full and it seemed to help.

One thing that really helped was installing the play disc to a USB so the disc isn't spinning the whole time. It doesn't seem like it, but that loud spinning was drowning out a lot of the sound for me until I changed it.

For the TV and movie theater I still have to turn the volume up sometimes though, I think those are just really quiet anyway.

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You can hear the radio better while driving if you turn the sound effects down and the radio up. I actually think the radio being too low in the normal mix played a role in how people received it. I started noticing the songs a lot more after changing the settings, anyway.

I'm disappointed that you can't turn down the ambient music without turning down the radio. I don't want to hear background music while doing missions. I only want the music that is in the game world.

Well I have a 5.1 surround and here are my settings:

Dialogue boost 100%
Sound effects 60%
Music 40%

Using speaker setting with both set to the medium setting.

And to me it sounds just right ...


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