I don't know what this means on Twitter

What does “ews” mean on Twitter and Co.?

Again and again you come across abbreviations on the Internet that you don't understand at first glance. Especially on social media like Twitter you can find combinations of letters that leave question marks. So you can read the abbreviation "ews" over and over again.

What does this "ews" mean on Twitter?

Would you have known? That's what these popular brand names really mean;

What does "ews" mean?

“Ews” is an abbreviation for “really really so”.

Unlike many other abbreviations, for example "lol", "ftw" or "TIL", "ews" does not originate in the English language, but in German. You can find the abbreviation as an appendix or introduction to longer contributions. However, it is also often isolated and posted as a single message. In addition, the expression is often found in the combination “halt ews”. With the notification, the sender wants to reinforce a message or agree to a statement. You can find examples of the use of "ews" on Twitter:

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An overview of other meanings of "EWS"

The abbreviation can also have other meanings that are less common on social media:

  • European monetary system
  • European Science Foundation
  • Electronically controlled dialing system
  • Briefing slip

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