Warframe How To Get Pips Mod

Combat maneuvers

Maneuvers are actions that the player can perform with his Warframe.

These include acrobatics and sword fighting.

Sprint[Edit | Edit source]

[While walking] Shift key hold.


Sprinting can be done in any direction.

Sprinting speeds up the Warframe.

Shooting interrupts the race.

The sprint speed can be increased by various mods such as armored mobility or sprint. An aura called a sprint enhancer can also be used.

Leap[Edit | Edit source]

Space bar press briefly.


Jumping takes the Warframe up.

Many skills cannot be used during the jump.

Double jump[Edit | Edit source]

[In the air] Space bar


The double jump makes the Warframe jump further and higher.

Only when a wall or the floor has been touched again can the next double jump be performed.

Jump kick[Edit | Edit source]

[In the air] To sneak


A jump kick can be used to propel the Warframe forward with a lot of momentum.

A jump kick just before a landing will prevent the Warframe from hitting the ground.

If you hit an enemy with a jump kick, it knocks the enemy over and inflicts 20 impact damage.

Projectile jump[Edit | Edit source]

[While sliding / sneaking] Leap


The so-called projectile jump conveys the Warframe with a spiral twist at a slight angle upwards.

Accelerates the Warframe to quickly leave a danger area or to catch up with the group.

During the bullet jump, you inflict minor explosion damage on the enemy you hit.
This damage can be increased by the Piercing Step MOD.

Target slide[Edit | Edit source]

[In the air] aim


The time for the Warframe is slowed down for five seconds in order to be able to shoot enemies better.

Other Warframes in the group will not be affected by the slowdown.

The time of the target glide can be extended by various mods. For example: Piercing Step, Secret Drift or Flying Skin.

roll[Edit | Edit source]

[While walking, sprinting, sneaking or standing up] Shift key press briefly.


Rolling helps the Warframe to leave a dangerous area quickly.

By rolling, the tackers or the leeches of the leech drone are shaken off.

The spores of the Swarm Mutalist MOA are also removed.

While rolling, the Warframe is dealt a maximum of 25% of incoming damage.

Roll off to the side[Edit | Edit source]

aim+Pretty left+Shift key press briefly.


Very helpful to roll sideways into cover to avoid damage.

In the air, the flight direction can also be changed with the side roll.

The distance covered is shorter than the forward roll.

flick flack[Edit | Edit source]

aim+Back+Shift key press briefly.


Particularly useful for quickly getting away from a threat or another player (PVP).

Can be used to change the direction of movement in the air.

To sneak[Edit | Edit source]

Ctrl or V.


Sneak halves the height of the selected warframe.

While sneaking you are more difficult to recognize by opponents.

It can always be rolled while sneaking.

Ctrl = Temporary

V = '' Switch between walking & sneaking  

Slip[Edit | Edit source]

[While sprinting] To sneak


Sliding will slow down the Warframe unless you slide down a slope.

Slide can be used to get quickly under obstacles without having to sneak under.

Slide attacks[Edit | Edit source]

[While sliding] Melee attack


Execution of the so-called vortex attack.

There is a chance opponents to throw.

[While sliding] shoot


The Warframe is less easy to hit because it is in motion.

Wall run[Edit | Edit source]

[While sprinting, just before a wall] Leap

Vertical[Edit | Edit source]

[Walking straight towards a wall] Leap


Can be used to climb a flat wall.

Outstanding protrusions are not skipped.

The jump button can be held.

While jumping, you can switch to the horizontal wall run by looking to the side.

The sprint speed is equal to the wall running speed.

Horizontal[Edit | Edit source]

[Running diagonally towards a wall] Leap


The walls should be level.

If you look away from the wall, you jump in that direction.

If you look up, you switch to the vertical wall run.

The sprint speed is equal to the wall running speed.

The jump button can be held.

Wall holding[Edit | Edit source]

[During the wall run] aim


The Warframe will hold on for five seconds to be able to shoot enemies.

Abilities that cannot be used in the air can be used.

Wall holding and target gliding share the timer.

The time can be extended through Exilus Mods. For example: Piercing Step, Secret Drift or Flying Skin.

Skip enemies[Edit | Edit source]

[Approach enemy / ally in midair] Leap press briefly.


Swings the Warframe over an enemy.

The opponent, like the floor or a wall, can be used to perform a double jump again.

To take cover behind an enemy or strike them down in close combat.

Can be performed as long as enemies are nearby.

Most of the time the opponents are knocked over.

Tightrope walk[Edit | Edit source]

[Near a rope] To use press briefly.


Just ascend in the air near a rope.

The ropes are helpful to get through a level section almost unnoticed.

The Warframe can sprint, slide, or shoot on the rope.

During the ascent, neither skills nor weapons can be used.