How to make cream-colored mortar

Mixing mortar - this is how it works

Different types of mortar

Lime mortar, lime cement mortar or cement mortar (€ 15.90 at Amazon *) - that's the basic question. Lime mortar is actually only rarely used today, but the mixed mortar made from lime and cement is all the more common.

Cement mortar sets the fastest and is the most stable, lime mortar is softer, but diffusion-open and adheres better to stones. Lime cement mortar combines the good properties of both types of mortar (7.79 € on Amazon *).

Basic ingredients

  • Lime or hydrated lime or cement
  • sand
  • and water.

The “recipes” are usually very simple: for cement mortar, mix 1 part cement and 4 parts sand in a ratio, with mixed mortar 2 parts lime, 1 part cement and 8 parts sand. However, you should measure the quantities as precisely as possible.

For lime mortar, which is rarely used, 1 part lime and 3 parts sand for air lime mortar or 1 part hydrated lime and 4 parts sand for water lime mortar.

The amount of water always depends a little on the moisture content of the raw materials and a few other factors, and usually has to be estimated. With cement it is around half a liter per kilo of cement, with hydrated lime mortar it can be significantly less.

In the end, the consistency determines the water requirement. Below you will find instructions on how to properly mix medium-sized quantities.

Mix the mortar step by step

  • Lime, hydrated lime, cement
  • sand
  • water
  • shovel
  • trowel
  • a sufficiently large flat surface - preferably a mixing box

1. Mix cement or lime / hydrated lime and sand

Sprinkle the sand evenly in the tub and add the cement, the cement-lime mixture or the lime in small heaps. Mix the small piles with the sand until you have a uniform mixture.

2. Add water

Put a little water in the middle of each of the mixed piles by making a small indentation in the pile with the trowel. Then mix the whole pile until the water is evenly mixed in. Do this with every pile.

3. Mix completely

Repeat step 2 until you have a slightly shiny, evenly moist mixture. But the consistency should still be firm.

It is best to use a mixer for larger quantities. It has to work if you first add about two thirds of the amount of water and then add cement and sand or the lime-cement mixture and the sand. Then pour in the rest of the water and let the mixer do its work for around three to four minutes. Then the mixing result should be perfect.

Author: Johanna Bauer

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