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Pancha Karma - the Ayurvedic cleansing regimen

PANCHA KARMA - the Ayurvedic cleansing cure

Pancha Karma what can it do? What's the point? How does it work? What does it mean? Since I keep getting asked similar questions about Ayurveda and Pancha Karma, I thought that I should write down the most important facts and information about Pancha Karma - the Ayurvedic cleansing regimen to give a small overview of this complex cleansing regimen.

Ayu means life and the word veda means science- for this reason Ayurveda is a science that begins with the birth of an individual and ends with the end of a person's life.

  • Ayurveda shows us how to live healthy lives by incorporating daily activities and seasonal activities into our daily lives.

  • Ayurveda describes a person's responsibilities towards the family and society

  • Ayurveda shows us how we can maintain our health.

  • Ayurveda also shows us how we can get healthy again and extend our lifespan.

The principles of Ayurveda

In Ayurveda we speak of three doshas: Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.

When the doshas are in balance, they regulate all functions in our body. If the doshas are in an imbalance this can lead to illnesses and pain that can damage the body. Here we have compiled a few general attributes for each Dosha.


The qualities of VATHA are dry, light, cool, rough and mobile.

A balanced VATHA Dosha stands for an excellent process of all body functions, for inspiration, excellent motor skills and activities, natural drive and vigor, a healthy diet and for an excellent function of the sensory organs.


The qualities of PITHA are sharp, hot, light, flowing and liquid.

A balanced PITHA Dosha stands for an excellent function of digestion, balance of heat, excellent perception, balanced feeling of hunger and thirst, good memory, intellect and intelligence.


The qualities of Kapha are heavy, stable, sticky.

A balanced Kapha Dosha stands for stability of the body, a good connection between all joints and stable, powerful joints.

Any imbalance in the doshas leads to an imbalance in the body that can lead to disease and pain.

An imbalance of the doshas can be caused by the following factors:

+ unhealthy eating habits

+ Climate change and change in weather

+ unhealthy lifestyle

+ Age

+ Pressure

CHIKITSA - treatment

+ Shamana

Soothe a slight imbalance of the doshas by administering a medicine in different forms such as: decoctions, brews, tablets, powders, oils and ointments.

+ Shodana

Cleansing the body from all toxins

It is a type of treatment in which the doshas which are badly out of balance and can cause chronic diseases are treated. The body is supplied with detoxifying substances and the body can excrete the toxins in the shortest possible way. This can be done through the process of Panchakarma.


Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word. Pancha means FIVE and KARMA means method of treatment. Panchakarma is the name given to the five processes through which the toxins that have arisen due to an imbalance in the doshas and trigger diseases can be excreted through various body orifices.

The goal of Panchakarma

Panchakarma supports a healthy person to keep his body physically and mentally fit and helps a non-healthy person to cure and improve many diseases.


1) preparing the body

2) the process

3) Follow-up on the body


Before one can begin the actual actions of Panchakarma, one must prepare the body for the actions to get the toxins out of the body as effectively as possible. The two methods to prepare the body are Snehanaand Swedana.

Snehana - oiling

Oiling the body in the form of massages, pouring oil over it, shirodhara (forehead pouring) and other treatments are carried out to help the body to remove the toxins that have settled in the body.

Swedana - steam bath

The steam bath is used to dissolve the liquid toxins in the body and to help the toxins flow towards the stomach and digestive tract.

The process

Vamana is a form of therapy in which medicine is administered that induces vomiting in order to eliminate all toxins caused by Kapha. The form of therapy cleanses the whole body and focuses on the respiratory tract. This form of therapy is mainly used for people who have a high Kapha imbalance. This form of treatment is mostly not used in many Ayurveda centers that work with a western audience.

Virechana is a medical drainage method that collects all Pitta toxins in the body and removes the toxins through the intestinal tract. This method completely cleanses the whole intestinal area.

It cleanses all the accumulated toxins of all three doshas - through the intestines.

Basti is also a treatment method to rejuvenate the whole body.

Medicinal oil or ghee is mixed with herbal extracts and administered as an enema to cleanse the intestines and also get the muscles in shape.

In Nasya treatment, medicine is administered through the nostrils to remove all of the Kapha toxins from the body. Nasya removes toxins from the entire head and neck area.

Raktamokshna is a treatment method to cleanse the blood and is only prescribed and carried out with special body constitution.


  • During your treatment, drink only warm water and also use only warm water for showering, bathing and other things.

  • You shouldn't have sex during treatment

  • Sleeping during the day is counterproductive

  • Natural needs should not be suppressed

  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures and weather conditions during treatment

  • Do not stay awake unnecessarily at night. Food that burdens the digestive tract and is difficult to digest should not be eaten.

  • Excessive exercise and mental stress should be avoided during this time.


  • The pollutants are removed from the body.

  • Your doshas are back in balance

  • Your stress will be reduced and your body will be more relaxed.

  • Panchakarma slows down the aging process and extends your life.

  • Your skin will glow and feel younger

  • Your immune system will be strengthened and your energy levels will increase.

  • New strength, clarity, energy and vitality will be felt.

  • Your cravings for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs will decrease.

  • Panchakarma helps you to integrate a healthy diet and lifestyle into your everyday life.

  • Your mind will become clearer and your thoughts will become more focused.

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PS: If you have any questions just let me know and enjoy your life - no matter where you are in this magical world.

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