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60 quotes from Seneca, the master of the wise art of living

Seneca was a Roman philosopher, statesman, and writer who lived about 1 to 65 AD.

Seneca's stoic philosophy teaches how everything that happens to you in everyday life can be mastered. You will learn how you should behave towards yourself, others and the world. With the help of his philosophy and teaching, you can make your life wiser and more minimalistic, so that you can love and enjoy it anew every day. The effort expended comes back as new energy and joy.

Seneca is considered to be one of the few philosophers whose main focus was on the practical. His books are my subject matter for life, his quotes help me in everyday life. Maybe and hopefully it will help you as well.

“If you submit to nature, you will never be poor; if you submit to the opinion, you will never be rich. "Seneca

"It is not the size of the fortune that matters, but that of the spirit." Seneca

Two things give the soul the most strength: trust in the truth and trust in yourself. "Seneca

“That we live is undoubtedly a gift from the gods, that we live well, a gift from philosophy. Wisdom is the teacher of the soul. The shaping of life itself is their task and art. However, it is only the happy life that she counts on: there she leads, there she opens the way. "Seneca

"If you only want to do that which will definitely turn out well and of which you have recognized the truth, then you will have to forego all action in your life." Seneca

"The wise man is the master in the art of taming the evils." Seneca

“Love reason! This love will arm you even against the hardest. " Seneca

"Nothing is more difficult for an overworked person than to live well." Seneca

"The main source of our mistakes is that in all of our resolutions we only consider life part by part, never the whole." Seneca

“Retreat into yourself as much as you can; associate with those who make you better and give access to those who you can do better. " Seneca

"The greatest of all evils is to part from the number of the living before one dies."Seneca

"I want to show you a means of love without a potion, without a herb, without a saying from any sorceress: If you want to be loved, so dear."Seneca

“There is only one chain that keeps us chained, namely the love of life. We must not reject them, but we have to reduce their pressure so that nothing holds us back under the pressure of the circumstances and prevents us from being ready to do what has to happen immediately. " Seneca

“Death is the liberation and the end from all evils; our sufferings do not go beyond it; it brings us back to the calm we were in before we were born. " Seneca

"The highest good is the harmony of the soul with itself."Seneca

"Unhappy is the soul that is afraid of the future, and those who are worried about whether what they enjoy will stay with them to the end are already miserable before they are misery." Seneca

“It is important to get rid of two weaknesses; from the fear of the future and from the memory of past suffering; the latter no longer touches me, not even that. " Seneca

"I do not consider him poor, for whom what little he has left is enough." Seneca

“It is a consolation for us humans that no one is unhappy except through our own fault. If you like it, live; if you don't like it, you can go back to where you came from. " Seneca

"You will stop fear when you stop hoping."Seneca

"There is no greater evidence of greatness of mind than when you do not allow yourself to be disturbed by anything that can happen to you." Seneca

“Therefore one must bring oneself to freedom; But this can be achieved through nothing else than indifference to fate. " Seneca

“He who has insight is also measured; who is measured, also indifferent; those who are indifferent cannot be disturbed; he who does not allow himself to be disturbed is without sorrow; he who is without grief is happy: so the one who knows is happy, and the insight is sufficient for a happy life! "Seneca

“But just as the fall of the leaves is not serious damage because it is replaced again, so it is also with those whom you love and in whom you see the bliss of your life: their loss can be replaced again, even if they are not born again become. But they won't be the same. You won't be the same either. Every day, every hour turns you. " Seneca

“I want to make every single day seem like all of life to me. I am ready to leave, and it is precisely this circumstance that helps me enjoy life. " Seneca

“The greatest loss for life is delay: it always deprives us of the first day, it robs us of the present, while it promises the distant. The greatest obstacle in life is the expectation that attaches to tomorrow and makes today lost. Now, on the spot, embrace life! On!" Seneca

“Regard death as indifferent. Once we have overcome our fear of him, there is no longer anything sad. " Seneca

“But nothing can be so useful to you for moderation in all things than frequent thinking about the brevity of human life and at the same time about its uncertainty. Whatever you may do, consider the end! " Seneca

“If you have one another, you can't lose anything. But how few are destined to have one another! "Seneca

"No one else is worthy of God than he who regards wealth as indifferent." Seneca

"Anyone who knows how to deal well with poverty is rich." Seneca

"The best financial relationship is that which neither sinks down to poverty nor is far from poverty." Seneca

"Those who are afraid of the future are unhappy." Seneca

"In particular, however, one should avoid the annoying, who lament everything and for whom every cause is highly welcome to lament." Seneca

"There is no greater evidence of greatness of mind than when you do not allow yourself to be disturbed by anything that can happen to you." Seneca

“Only he is wise, who owns everything and it is not difficult to protect it. The wise man therefore says: This is all mine! It so happens that he desires nothing because everything is in him. Thus the wise in the spirit possesses everything. " Seneca

"You don't have to be more careful about anything than chasing after the preceding ones like the herd cattle."Seneca

“Work as if you would live forever. Love as if you were going to die today. "Seneca

“It is not the size of the fortune that matters, but that of the spirit. "Seneca

“Walk with a firm step. If you want to submit everything to yourself, make yourself subject to reason; you will direct many if reason directs you. " Seneca

“Now, too, I want to point out to you that illnesses are faults that have firmly and permanently established themselves, such as greed and ambition; they have sunk deep into the soul and have become chronic bad postures. In the shortest possible way: illness (of the soul) is the rigidly held erroneous opinion that one must strive with all one's strength what is only worth striving for in a very small degree. Or, if you prefer, we want to define it like this: His heart is too attached to things that are only to a very small extent or not at all worth striving for, or that attach great importance to things that have only limited or no value. " Seneca

“The greatest good does not require outside tutoring. It is cultivated inside, it consists entirely of itself. It is similar with the wise man: he withdraws into himself, is alone with himself. " Seneca

“We are in a long lasting healing process of our soul. Dealing with the crowd has a hostile effect: no one who does not recommend or impose some vice or teach us unnoticed. I return greedily, more ambitious, more indulgent, yes also more cruel and inhuman because I was among people. So withdraw into yourself as much as possible. " Seneca

"But it is actually a great soul to be calm and calm as well as to look at injustices and insults from above." Seneca

"Conscience is our guiding star, we don't care about people's talk in our actions." Seneca

“I seek pleasure; for whom? To me. So I take care of myself. I avoid heavy weight; for whom? To me. So I take care of myself. If I do everything out of concern for myself, everything else takes a back seat to this concern for me. This concern is inherent in all creatures, it is not first taught to them, they bring it into the world. Nature guides its young creatures and does not push them away. And because protection up close is the safest, everyone has to take care of themselves first. " Seneca

“If you make the service of higher things your profession, then you can count on an abundance of wonderful knowledge, on love and virtue (wisdom) and on your confirmation, on the thorough abolition of all excessive passions, on sure tidings about life and death this peace of mind. " Seneca

“Our soul has its sick sides that want to be healed. And what does leisure give me to do? I heal what's sore in me. I recommend you the leisure, in which you should do more important and beautiful things than those with which you have separated. " Seneca

“So speak to others so that you, as a speaker, hear it yourself, write so that you can read it yourself while writing, constantly looking for your improvement and appeasing the stormy affects. Do not direct your instinct for knowledge towards> more better <. " Seneca

“The first thing we have to do is examine ourselves. Above all, it is necessary to accurately assess our own strengths; because we usually overestimate our strength and fall. " Seneca

“For stronger than all fate is the spirit, is the soul. She directs things herself and is the cause of a happy or unhappy life. " Seneca

“I have put all that is good inside; not needing happiness, that is your happiness. "Seneca

“Do not imagine that someone is happy who depends on happiness. He who has the source of his joy in that which comes from without stands on a fragile foundation; the joy that comes from outside will vibrate. But what has flowed out of the inside is true and firm and increases and does not leave us to the end. " Seneca

“He can be called happy who is aroused neither by desires nor by fear - thanks to his reasonable understanding, of course. Because there is no happiness that does not require fearlessness. " Seneca

“He is the happiest and absolutely sure master of himself, who looks to tomorrow without fear. Anyone who can say: "I have lived" rises to new gain every day. " Seneca

“The healing of the soul, however, once demonstrated, is forever. Hear what I mean by a healthy soul: It is satisfied with itself, it has full confidence in itself, it knows that all the wishes of people, all the benefits granted and requested have no meaning for a happy life. " Seneca

"Wherever I am, I belong to myself." Seneca

"If you look at strangers, you don't like what you are." Seneca

How could anyone live happily who only thinks of himself and tries to make everything available to his personal advantage? You have to live for another if you want to live for yourself. The wise man was born to help the community and for the common good. "Seneca

"How long I live doesn't depend on me, but whether I really live depends on me." Seneca

“Don't forget the old ones! Not only those who are living can help us, but also those who have lived. " Seneca

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