What does the name Monique mean

The first name Monika

How middle-class is Monika?

Monika is a name that comes from the middle of society. Like almost every first name, it can be found in all social milieus, but it is particularly often chosen by parents who belong to the middle class and measured against socio-economic characteristics such as "education", "income", "prosperity" and "risk of poverty." ¬ęCorrespond to the average of the population in Germany. The SmartGenius Citizenship Index for the name Monika is 98 and is very close to 100, which corresponds exactly to the average of the population. Other girls' names that show a similar social prestige according to the middle class index are Xenia, Aseel and Alena. This is especially true for the current generation of children, because the reception of a name is subject to constant change, so that first names were perceived very differently in previous generations and will certainly be perceived differently in the future than they are today.