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HanseMerkur private health insurance with deductible reduction in old age

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HanseMerkur tariffs for private health insurance now with a possible reduction in the deductible in old age.

[Adsenseresp] With a higher own contribution, HanseMerkur wants to make the SBE tariff even more attractive and cheaper in the future. The tariff provides for an agreed deductible from private health insurance to be reduced to 0 euros from the age of 65. The tariff can therefore now be concluded with a higher deductible.

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The SBE tariff is interesting, for example, for insured persons who have chosen an AZP tariff without deductible or the KVT500 tariff with a deductible of 500 euros. If you also take the SBE / 1000 tariff, you can change the tariff to a deductible of 1,000 euros with immediate effect and up to the age of 65. According to current model calculations, this should make it possible to achieve enormous premium reductions from the age of 65 without having to pay a deductible. The KVT500 can also be converted to a KVT1000. On the other hand, anyone who has chosen an AZP tariff no longer has to calculate from the age of 60 whether it is still worth submitting the invoices if one wants to claim the flat-rate reimbursement.

Put simply, with its new tariffs, HanseMerkur aims to accept a higher deductible today in order to reduce it again in old age. This trick makes perfect sense, because in old age a high deductible is usually no longer payable due to the low pension. So whoever decides today to pay a higher personal contribution will prevent a high excess in old age. It will be permanently reduced from the age of 65 at the latest, or it will even be waived entirely. As a result, insured persons continue to benefit from a tariff with attractive benefits in their retirement, but without having to pay an unnecessarily high premium. This approach already protects future retirees from high contributions, which are considered to be the strongest counter-arguments against private health insurance. In this way, insurance cover remains affordable for older insured persons without having to forego benefits.

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