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Mass Effect: How to Rescue Kirrahe on Virmire

Captain Kirrahe helps Shepard destroy Saren's base in Mass Effect. Shepard must follow his instructions to keep him and his team alive.

The mission Virmire: Attack in Mass Effect is one of the most dangerous missions in the game and is thus roughly on a par with the suicide mission in the endgame of Mass Effect 2. On Virmire, Shepard and the entire team of the salarian Special Tasks Group must be led by Help Captain Kirrahe and destroy Saren's base. Just before the mission begins, Kirrahe gives his often-quoted speech. Although he's not featured in either Mass Effect or the sequels, he appears to be a memorable and fan-favorite character. In Mass Effect, if you're not careful about Virmire decisions, you can lose up to two of your squad members, some of Captain Kirrahe's team, and even Kirrahe himself.

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Shepard has a personal reason to assist Kirrahe and his troops during the mission as he is asked to send either Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko out with the salarian team. Throughout the mission, Kirrahe and either Ashley or Kaidan Shepard will be giving instructions to help break the geth defenses. Shepard must carefully follow the instructions and be careful not to miss the specific tasks, as catching up later will not help the team and will result in losses. One particular action in this area determines Kirrahe's fate, while the others determine how many of his teammates survive.

How to rescue Kirrahe's team on Virmire in Mass Effect

The mission Virmire: Support for Kirrahe's team in Mass Effect is automatically unlocked when Kirrahe first contacts Shepard and asks for help in destroying the geth defense. There are four specific tasks that must be completed after defeating all of the geth and krogan:

  • Interrupting communication: At the first geth station Shepard encounters, he must find and activate a control panel on top of a platform.
  • Destruction of the satellite uplink: At the second geth station, Shepard has to shoot a satellite dish on top of the station to destroy it.
  • Destroy geth aviators: Near the base, Shepard has to go to the right where he will find a refueling platform. He can use Overload or shoot the fuel tanks to destroy the geth fliers. Failure to do this will always kill Kirrahe.
  • Turn off the alarm: At the base, Shepard can use the console to deactivate or trigger the alarm. The Paragon action, disabling the alarm, saves most of Kirrahe's men, but redirects more geth to Shepard and his team. The Renegade action results in a less difficult fight, but more casualties for Kirrahe's team.

At the end of the mission, Shepard finds the salarian team on the lower level of Normandy, near Wrex, in case he was rescued on Virmire. If the geth fliers are destroyed and Kirrahe survives, he will be with them and Shepard can speak to him for a moment. Shepard should endeavor to visit him immediately after the Virmire mission, as he and his team will not be there the next time the Normandy lands.

If Kirrahe Virmire survives, he may have cameos in the Mass Effect sequels. In Mass Effect 2, Morin's dialogue about Kirrahe is slightly different depending on whether he lives or dies. In Mass Effect 3, if Thane Krios did not survive the events of Mass Effect 2 or if Shepard did not visit him at the hospital on Citadel, Kirrahe will be the one to face Kai Leng in Priority: The Citadel II. He may also appear in London with his STG in place of Wrex or Wreav and the Krogan Armed Forces, depending on Shepard's decisions regarding the Krogan Genophage Remedy.