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Brittle ice

This article covers the block created by the Ice Skating Enchantment. For other meanings, see ice (disambiguation).

Brittle ice is a semi-transparent, solid block. As with normal ice and pack ice, you slide around on it when you run. It occurs when you walk on or over standing water with boots that have the "ice skater" enchantment.

Properties [edit]

  • When the water freezes, it loses all its properties: arable land or sand can no longer be irrigated.
  • If you are no longer around with your ice skater boots, it melts relatively quickly in bright light. You can see a similar texture to the breaking down of blocks, only that it proceeds more slowly.
  • Fresh, brittle ice does not melt in the dark (below light level 11). If it is already thawed, it has to be even darker depending on the dew level (1 to 3) so that it does not melt.
  • If you break it down, it doesn't drop, but it doesn't turn back into water either. The cautious enchantment doesn't work either.
  • If light falls through brittle ice, the light level is reduced by two units with each block crossed.
  • Brittle ice melts immediately if it is surrounded by fewer than two adjacent brittle ice blocks should it receive a block update. Therefore, a single brittle block of ice immediately turns into water after being pushed by a piston. To move brittle ice with a piston, the block and the target position must have two brittle ice blocks as neighbors and these must also have two brittle ice blocks as neighbors so that the condition is met that no brittle ice becomes water. Example:

Extraction [edit]

The block cannot be dismantled, not even with the cautious enchantment, but you can create it at any time with ice skater boots and this permanently if the light level is correspondingly low.

The brittle ice is neither in the creative inventory nor can it be obtained with the command. The block is a state of normal ice that is used to represent fragility. From a player's point of view, it's normal ice and looks like it until it becomes brittle.

Use [edit]

Since there is no way to get brittle ice cream, it cannot be used in craft, oven or brewing recipes.

However, it has properties similar to ice: objects slide on it, it melts, and so on. Since it melts if it is not continuously generated with the "Ice Skater" enchantment, it cannot be used for redstone machines or for decorative purposes. The enchantment does make sense, however, in that you can travel so quickly on oceans without having to use a boat. For example, if you are looking for an ocean monument, you can just walk across the ocean and look down: if you see an ocean monument, take off your shoes and swim down.

If you use water instead of ice for a sprint, you can achieve the same speed with ice skating shoes as in a normal sprint.

Melting process [edit]

Brittle ice generally melts very quickly. When the block is created, it has an age of 0. Like every block, it receives a random block update every 1-2 seconds. If it is bright enough (the light level including sun / moonlight at the location of the block is greater than 11 minus the age), the age will be in 13 of the cases, or if the block is surrounded by less than 4 brittle blocks of ice (also diagonally), increased by 1. This means that the block does not melt in the dark, and when it does, it is more likely to be at the edges of the ice surface.

As the age increases, the block gets a broken texture that looks very similar to the mining animation, but is saved as its own texture.

When the fragile ice reaches age 4, it turns into water. Neighboring brittle ice blocks melt immediately if they are surrounded by less than 2 (also diagonally) adjacent brittle ice blocks. Otherwise, their age will be increased. Should they melt as a result, however, there will be no chain reaction due to block updates as with falling sand or gravel.

Ice skater

The Enchanted Book Ice skaters cannot be obtained at the magic table, it can only be found or traded in naturally generated chests. You can cover all armor parts with it, but it only has an effect on the water if you enchant shoes (on the anvil) with it. If the armor already has the enchantment Water strider the armor can no longer carry it Ice skaters be occupied.

Strength levels:

  • Skater I freezes the water within 2 blocks.
  • The radius expands by one block with each additional level.

Block state [edit]

Brittle iceageThe age of the ice. At 3 it turns back to water.

Gallery [edit]

  • First screenshot of Dinnerbone's ice skater enchantment

  • A trail drawn through an ocean by a player using the Ice Skater II enchantment

  • A player with the "Ice Skater II" enchantment while walking over an ocean: the water freezes within a radius of 3 blocks

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Full version 1.9(15w42a)
  • enchantment Ice skaters added
  • Brittle ice added
Full version 1.13(18w07a)
  • If brittle ice is moved, it stops melting for a short time afterwards