Who makes Briggs half-smoked sausage

Who knows what exactly about the Bregenwurst?

As an old Brunswick,
unfortunately only now after almost 4 years discovered the question here,
but the / our Braunschweiger Brä (e) genwurst is still up to date,
right now again in winter time,
with brown (green) cabbage, of course.
Here is my recipe:


30% pork shoulder
70% fat pork belly
3 pieces of large finely chopped onions per kg of meat.
Spices per kg sausage mixture:
20 g. Table salt
3 g. ground white pepper

For this you need a meat grinder with a 3 or 4 mm. Disc and a sausage filler as well as pork casings caliber 30/32
Cut the meat properly, mix with the spices,
Turn the onions through the mincer and fill into the prepared intestines.
To get the crowd a little smoother,
you can add broth or water.
The sausages can be used fresh on the same day.
To preserve, let dry and smoke for a few hours,
but must then also be used for the next 2/3 days.
If the Brägenwurst is frozen, the onions must
Glassy before mixing
steamed with a little lard.

A nice piece of self-smoked Kasseler with the brewed cabbage and
the Brägenwurst is a pleasure.

Wish you a good hunger
C.-P. G. Your
Braunschweiger Wurstepeter

Greetings C.- Peter