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Container or minimal bathroom mirror with LED or wall lighting

In every bathroom an essential element, both from the practical point of view and from the aesthetic one, is the mirror, especially for a woman, in fact it is difficult to think of make-up, hair and shaving, correctly without using a mirror.

In the Mirrors category of our online shop we want to offer you a wide choice, proposing different models with different colors and perhaps, to help you decorate your bathroom according to your tastes, without sacrificing practicality, which distinguishes our products.

The mirror is one of the most used accessories in our daily life, not by chance is placed in various rooms of our homes, in the living room, at the entrance, in the bedroom, but its maximum utility reaches it in the bathroom, where we make-up, we comb, shave and brush our teeth.

As always before buying the mirror of our dreams we must take into consideration some main factors both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view:

  • STYLE of the bathroom furniture
  • DIMENSIONS of the room
  • NEEDS personal

    A mirror with the right dimensions and shapes will complete your furniture, making the bathroom even brighter. Naturally, the Dimensions must be decided according to the proportions of the environment in which it will be inserted, in order to harmoniously match with the rest of the furnishings. Naturally, the size must be established on the basis of how many people will use it at the same time; for example, if you prepare yourself in the morning with your partner or in any case with your family, you need to select a large product that you can use together.

    As far as the Shape is concerned, let's move on from the more traditional, like the square and round, to more particular and elaborate figures. Pay close attention: in the small environments the mirror is very important because, if positioned in the correct way, it will help you make the room brighter and optically bigger.

    An important tone should also be applied to the choice of lighting: the mirror area must be illuminated impeccably, so as to facilitate daily actions such as make-up and shave; Therefore, if the installation of sconces or lamps is not foreseen, it is better to focus on mirrors with LED backlights or integrated lighting.

    Surely what we are talking about is one of the most popular accessories, in fact there are many models on the market, each with different characteristics.

    The most common models are the rectangular ones that develop in width, usually installed on the wall, hung above the sink, where the greatest use is required. They can be simple, or enriched with shelves or small shelves. With ever smaller spaces, the most sought-after choice is the mirrors container, which acts as a cabinet, more or less deep, to contain the various useful products in the bathroom.

    The simplest mirrors are the frameless mirrors, often designed in special, high-impact designs, thus combining great visual impact with the functionality we first look for in a mirror!

    The framed mirrors are square, rectangular or round and are used to decorate empty walls, without losing the opportunity to harmonize the frame with the remaining furniture and accessories.

    At we offer you an extensive catalog of bathroom mirrors, from the smallest, up to the highest sizes, with storage or frame, and for the most demanding even with built-in lighting.

    Discover them all in our online shop!