How to survive the best character in the game


The island at Free Fire isn't that big and there aren't many bushes to hide behind. The game's rendering engine is not that good: after a certain distance there is nothing but moving objects, for example players. Because of this, you may be discovered by other players and have to defend yourself.

Or maybe it's you who wants to start a shootout: remember, only one player can become the king of the island. Either way, you need to know what to do in battle. If you play your cards correctly, you can eliminate opponents wearing the heaviest armor in a matter of seconds. In this guide, we'll give you tips on exactly how to do that, as well as helpful combat tips. So get ready, we have an island to conquer.



First things first: Activate the Battle Royale Mode

Before we begin, we should mention that this guide is specifically tailored for users of the BlueStacks Battle Royale mode. In other words, you have to use BlueStacks to use the tactics outlined here: if you are playing on a mobile device, you will not be able to implement many of the things we are talking about. It's best to start with our “Playing Free Fire with Mouse and Keyboard” guide and learn how to do it.


Assemble your weapons and armor

Whether you shoot or someone shoots you, you need weapons and armor to survive. For this reason, you should first make sure that your character can get hold of some quickly. Try to find body armor and helmets quickly: headshots are pretty deadly and you need to protect your head first of all.



Then later you can collect weapons. We've provided detailed information about weapons in the BlueStacks Free Fire Weapon Guide, but you can check out a summary here:

PrimarySKS / M14 assault rifle or VSS / AWM sniper rifle
SecondaryM1014 shotgun or M79 grenade launcher
SidearmUSP or MP5


It is not possible to have this exact setup in every game, but if you find one of these weapons you can replace your existing weapon with it. Free Fire divides the armor into three tiers and tier 3 armor, as you can imagine, offers the highest level of protection. So if you find armor with a higher level, equip it right away. Remember, armor is more important than weapons: whether or not you can survive an ambush depends on the equipment you have. Even if you have the best weapons, if you don't have a helmet, a single headshot will kill you.



Survive an ambush

If someone starts shooting at you, don't panic: first look at the minimap and find out where the shooter is. The red arrow you see on the map gives you an idea of ​​how close the attacker is. Start running towards the nearest object that you can use as cover. Zigzag and jump frequently. Cell phone gamers rarely hit a moving target. If you go behind a trench, you will find out if the attacker is still following you. You might be surprised, but most players prefer not to follow a player who knows what to do. If you survived the first attack, use medicine if you are seriously injured.



But don't forget that medkits heal 70 health points and if you've only lost 20-30 points, you'll just waste the rest. It's up to you what you do next: you know the approximate location of the shooter. You can either continue to flee or attack. If you do decide to attack, do not approach your opponent directly. Rather, try to stay under cover as you approach from behind. If you're close enough, you'll see your attacker on the minimap again - even in the direction they're headed. You can now attack and thanks to the Battle Royale mode you have a clear advantage.


Make the most of your leeway, but never stand still

Whether you're the ambush or the guy who recently survived an ambush, using the area during combat is key to victory. Note that only assault rifles and sniper rifles come with telescopic sights pre-installed. For other types of weapons, if the weapon supports that type of equipment, you will need to find one and attach it. Since we are in close combat, the weapon of choice will be an assault rifle.



Right click to aim. Use Battle Royale mode: moving the scope and aiming is very easy. You should aim at your opponent's head as this attack does the most damage. In fact, with an assault rifle like the M14, you can kill a player with just a single shot. If the scope glows red, it means you'll hit the target when you pull the trigger. Don't let this visual cue mislead you, however: it doesn't guarantee you will get a headshot. So you still have to use the scope's sight to aim "manually" at the head.



Do not stand still in battle. Run circles around your target and keep jumping. Rotating the scope is very difficult for mobile gamers, so they will not be able to hit you if you keep moving. In just a few seconds you should be ready and have your opponent killed. If it takes longer, you're doing something wrong or using the wrong weapon. Speaking of which, never reload your weapon during hand-to-hand combat. If you can't kill your target with one clip, maybe it is time to run and live to fight another day. In addition, switching to another weapon is faster than reloading: instead of using a different clip, switch to your secondary weapon and keep shooting. Remember that switching between weapons is very easy: just press the 1, 2 and 3 keys on your keyboard. If your target is still alive after emptying your secondary weapon clip, they really deserve to kill you. Face your fate.



Also read our free weapons manual. It has more information about the best weapons and additional tips on how to use them. Practicing is very important in terms of combat, so don't worry if you keep getting killed until you reach a few levels. You can't learn how to stay alive until you've been killed a dozen times, so keep playing and gain more and more experience. Remember, BlueStacks will help you with this: the ability to use a mouse and keyboard provides an amazing advantage at all stages of the game.

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