What is my nephew's wife

My cousin's child is my ...? - This is how you memorize relationships correctly

In large families in particular, it is often not easy to understand the complex relationships. Who knows what kind of relationship the cousin's child is to you? And once you know it, it's easy to forget. Therefore, if you want to permanently remember what your cousin's child means to you in relational terminology, you should approach the matter systematically.

What you need:

  • General relationship table for the German language and cultural area

Note the name for the cousin's child

  • If it goes beyond the close circle of relatives, it is by no means easy to remember the relationships and the exact names for them.
  • So the answer to the question of what your cousin's child is to yourself is basically very easy to answer: It is your nephew or your second degree niece.
  • But do you therefore know what your nephew's child is to you? If not, you should approach the whole thing a little more systematically in order to properly memorize the relationships.
  • First of all, get a general overview of family relationships or a relationship table for the German-speaking and cultural area. Note that our relatives are different from those of other cultures and earlier times.
  • On the basis of this board, you can now create your personal family tree in which you can enter the child of your cousin and all your other close and distant relatives.
  • Make sure not only to enter the names, but also the relatives in the family tree.
  • All you have to do now is check your family tree regularly when talking about your distant family members and know exactly how they are related to you.
  • If you practice this for a while, you will quickly get used to the unfamiliar terms and you will not soon forget how your cousin's child is related to you.

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