How to make wine crate guitar

In the Knedl & Kraut formation, almost everything becomes an instrument - including a moped tank and the reserve canister

The event of the folk meeting was sold out. And there was a good reason for that. Because with Knedl & Kraut, both urban Bavarian and hilarious all-rounders made guest appearances on the Bonndorf cabaret. In any case, the Bavarians met the taste of the far more than 220 listeners. Loud waves of enthusiasm attested the three happy lads outstanding entertainment value. Once again it became clear that variety is what counts.

Not only that Toni Bartl, Andy Asang and Juri Lex have mastered numerous instruments inside out. The three also score with their singing qualities, but above all with a variety of highly original instruments. It takes a fair amount of imagination to come up with such crazy ideas.

Various flutes are created from walking sticks, suction cups or exhaust pipes, guitars from moped tanks, reserve canisters or wine boxes, whistling instruments from detergent and toothpaste tubes or a didgeridoo from a drain pipe. Toni Bartl has built 90 such bizarre musical instruments. With material costs of 76 marks and 25 pfennigs, as he says. Two dozen of them were used on the folk meeting stage.

The creative man conjures first-class pan flute sounds from a toilet pump, a five-liter canister turns into a formidable travel alphorn to the tune of “Il Silcencio” and the man in his noisy leather piano proves to be a profound pianist. The name of the instruments alone - tea kettle violin, pitchfork guitar, toothpaste ocarina - says it all.

Contrast program

On the other hand, Juri Lex, whom his buddies only call the "teacher", is different. The elegantly dressed violin player proves that sometimes no foreign matter is required for an instrument. Just two hands function as a hand organ during the “Flight of the Bumblebee” and after a rapid sequence of notes with “Maya the Bee” at the end, they also deliver the promised bee sting.

The selection of pieces of music at Knedl & Kraut is just as illustrious as that of their instruments. Andy Asang lives out his soft spot for hits by paying homage to the rustic potpourri “Fanta Maria”, “Anita” or the “bright red rubber boat” from Sabine's splattered lips. And not just on the double bass with its wonderfully feminine shapes.

The next moment Andy Asang takes the audience as Tubi-Bubi on the Petersburg sleigh ride. Juri Lex, on the other hand, takes you into the world of classical music with virtuoso violin playing of Rossini's “La Gazza Ladra”, Bizet's “Carmen” or Monti's “Czardas”. In between there is traditional Bavarian beer tent music with Toni Bartl on the Styrian accordion. The world champion occasionally elicits three melodies from the latter.

Mix of styles ensures entertainment

In a brilliant change, this colorful mix of styles turns into first-class entertainment. Especially since the sympathetic lads fool around with the appropriately humorous story for any piece. Be it dedicated to English cooking, where the roast pork tastes like a sauna infusion, or Uncle Erwin's questionable species protection measures. The garage owner breeds martens, which he regularly releases. Which, after all, has a not bad impact on sales. Linguistically, the Black Forest audience had no problems with the Bavarians. Even the English crash course was well received. Everyone understands “window climbing” with Mary, who has “much wood before the house”.

The fact that Andy Asang enriches the program with discarded magic tricks from his Pressbag friend David Copperfield and at the end gives the story of the angel Aloisius in four languages ​​(Bavarian, Saxon, Viennese and Swabian) rounds off the entertaining stage spectacle well. The three Bavarians apparently understand their small arts and crafts. After their Black Forest premiere, the likeable Pfundskerle will soon be in demand again in the south-west of the country.

The folk meeting

The events of the Folktreff Bonndorf association usually take place in the foyer of the Bonndorf town hall. In recent years, an open-air event has been established, which took place first in the swimming pool and finally in the palace garden. In addition, the folk meeting takes place on the stage in the courtyard at the castle festival.

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