Arnold guitar magnets wholesale

Arnoldgtr wrote: Nick,
The only drawing I have (taken from my 1937 D-28) is rudimentary. It is intended for someone who already knows most of the basics about a 1930's Martin, which means bindings, kerfing, purflings, backstrip, back reinforcement, soundhole reinforcement, fingerboard inlays, end piece inlay, etc. My pattern is only for the exterior measurements and interior bracing. If you are interested, I can send you the PDF, which you can then have printed. The nearest large format printer to me is over 20 miles away in the next town.


Yes! I am totally interested !! Thank you very much!

My email is [email protected]

I am concerned about the slight curvature of the back and top. Is that a new feature or they did that already in the 30`s? If so whats the correct radius for each part?

If you can point me to any other information / material that`ll help me build an exact pre war copy it`ll be most appreciated. It's been hard to find that kind of information on the internet so far.

Please let me know how much should I pay you for the PDF.

Thanks again!

oh ... and let me tell you .... your guitars are AMAZINGLY beautiful. Congratulations. I hope to be able to play one someday;)