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Riesling? Definitely something for the ages!

If you have Riesling in your cellar, you don't have to worry too much. Many wines hold up better than textbooks write. Incidentally, not only the noble sweet specialties are capable of maturing, but also the dry ones. If stored well, they can develop just as well as Robert Weil's 1921s.

They did not lie there untouched, they Old winesthat opened last year. Wilhelm Weil leaves nothing to chance in his winery in the Rheingau and keeps checking how the Rarities develop. The bottles are checked, uncorked and tasted at regular intervals, every few decades.

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What turns out to be good is topped up and re-corked, a touch of sulfur dioxide ensures that the wines are ready for the next Decades Well develop can. The 1921s, for example, of which Weil donated some bottles. I have tasted this vintage five times recently, and all of them were of remarkable quality.

One of them, however, was ahead of the game - not the slightly sweet wine, not the Auslese, it was the practical one dry cabinetwho presented himself most intensely. A clear indication that wines without significant Residual sugar can develop well, much longer than skeptics believe.

Rheingau the mature way

Wilhelm Weil in front of the Turmberg
Copyright Weingut Robert Weil

Whether all 1921s made their way through the age It's hard to say: only a few wineries in the Rheingau still have stocks of almost 100-year-old bottles.

But every now and then you can still discover what has matured, and the probabilitythat bottles from the sixties and seventies of the last century still feature today enjoyment to drink is bigger than some skeptical wine book author thinks.

Legendary good, ripe years like 1921 are favored, but even after cool, rainy summers it was possible Aging be put in the barrel and in the bottle. In these cases, the acid has a preservative effect, and sometimes things only get exciting after 30 years.

One who can keep track of this is Dieter Greiner, Head of the Hessian State Winery Eberbach Monastery. Where once parts of the film The name of the rose by Umberto Eco were shot, large quantities of old and ancient Rieslings are still stored - right down to the 19th century.

The 1968 wine that Chef Greiner opened for me a few years ago was still very present, appeared juicy and animating: not a very great wine, but one that deals with a lot joy let drink.

Plea for trying it out

But because something so old is rarely ordered when it's on the wine menu or on the price list of a winery, 20, 30 or 40 year old Rieslings are often hardly more expensive than that of the newest vintages. On Ebay, too, you can find treasures without having to go into debt.

There are never any guarantees, and if the bottles have been stored badly or the wines have been thin from the start, nothing can be saved. But the positive experiences with the old and oldest Riesling, the negative outweighs by far - not only with the 1921, but also with a 20-year-old liter Riesling from the Weil winery.

Wilhelm Weil rummaged it out of the cellar two years ago, even a little skeptically. But what was then swiveled in the glass turned out to be small sensation: The Riesling of the basic category, which is not made for long maturation, could have been served in every wine bar in the Rheingau without any problems.

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1921 Kiedricher Berg late harvest: slightly darkened wine, spices, apple, a hint of honey, herbs. Juicy, not too sweet wine, looks quite fresh, tasty, not quite as present as the Cabinet.

1921 Kiedricher Berg Cabinet: clear fruit, fragrant, some spices, apple, herbs, looks very present and fresh, firm, with present acidity, firm, should still have a trace of sweetness, but it cannot be tasted. The best of the three old wines.

1921 Kiedricher Berg Auslese: clearly darkened with lush, ripe fruit that shows the ripe grapes, light raisins, slightly creamy, dried peaches, herbs, hints of caramel. Juicy in the mouth, with present but not excessive sweetness, quite full with warm fruit and restrained acidity. Remarkable, although not quite as present as the Cabinet.