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In our Online wholesale of computer components we offer the latest components for computers and notebooks. With dealer access to our online shop, you can select the hardware components you want from a wide range of products and order them immediately. Thanks to our advanced logistics center, we can, depending on the availability of goods and if you order before 6:30 p.m., ship your hardware on the same day!

The product range from ECOM Trading - your IT wholesaler

The product range in our online shop includes many high-quality individual hardware components, such as processors, RAM, graphics cards, sound cards, drives, memory cards, mainboards and much more. In short, as a reseller in the ECOM computer wholesaler, you get everything you need to meet the requirements of your customers in the best possible way - we always strive to deliver quality products to you and your customers!

For resellers: the world of PC and notebook components

As a reseller, do you want to offer your customers not only individually assembled computers, but also complete solutions? As a computer dealer, in addition to individual PC components, we also sell finished computer systems or complete systems in computer wholesaling. Both Notebooks and complete PC systems, from our house brand CAPTIVA, is one for all customer groups suitable computer system available. Regardless of whether for private or professional use - you will find various models in the extensive range of products in our online shop, each of which is equipped with hardware and software tailored to the respective area of ​​application.

Do your customers want a computer that is as inexpensive as possible or need certain components or certain spare parts for the computer, which are no longer commercially available? Then take a look at the remaining stock in the sale area of ​​our online shop, in which we also offer refurbished & B-goods.

A perfect system

Do your customers attach great importance to perfectly coordinated hardware and software? Then you've come to the right place! With the help of a dealer access in ECOM Wholesale of computers and computer accessories you are guaranteed to find the right peripheral products for your customers' PC, tablet or notebook. Because our online shop runs under the motto "Here comes together what belongs together"!