What does still river that flows deeply?


Poems by Albrecht Classen, 2000-2001, most recently a few samples of my last work from 2004.

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Two books with my poems appeared a few years ago: 1. Sprachmuehlen - Searching for traces (Lewiston: Mellen Poetry Press, 2002). 2. Mitlesebuch No. 78 (Berlin: Aphaia Verlag, 2004).

Four volumes of poems were recently published, 3 online (they are hyperlinked):

Arizona poetry:

1. Reflections on yesterday and tomorrow

2. Political Reflections - Poetic Fragments "

3. Sonoran Desert: Living in the Southwest US. Gnothikon 2012: (http://gnothikon.com/eigenverlag/arizonapoesie/) http://gnothikon.com/wp-content/uploads/arizona-poesie/albrecht_classen…)

4. (together with Th. Moedriach), Border Crossers: Poems from Tucson to Gottschee (II) (Gottschee: Thomas Schuster, 2012)

5. Hawaiian Impressions (2013)

New address: http://publisher.arte4.si/en/belles-lettres/pesmi/

or: http://publisher.arte4.si/


The distance
you and me
is immense
Building bridges
is difficult for us
one word only
to speak softly
does not want to succeed
in everyday life
of profession and world
smiling looks
calculate quickly
in silence
oh tell me
where hope
rests in the morning.

Dec 2000

and sunk deep
do you dream
in front of you
nothing moves
in your face
no hair
is moving
hold your fingers
like dead a book
your trains
point into depth
far from here and now
from the outside
are you floating
far from it
I am looking
full of questions
in your face
where are
you well

Dec 2000


in the morning
when the traffic
still resting
in late night
in the cold moonlight
and nobody watches
except you and me
in the desert
under cactus guardians
where the wind
sings sandy songs forever
under the covers
well guarded
drowsy falling
in the heart
when the day falls
among people
who can find it
in the rush
of driven life?

Jan. 2001


Trusted strangers
past world
in the holy words
biblical origin
the chasms yawn
on the edge of the page
entice and urge
hidden in the corners
looping plants
rampant and voracious
rising from the mouth of a fish
they climb up
they frame us
Grimaces against
bearded fiends
sprung from hell
the ways are still free
so back to the words
back to protective Latin
o domine!
but what happened to us in the folio
what attracted us to it
call the marginalia
the world
wants to be conquered
in the word in the eternal word.

Jan. 2001

my street

with potholes
and sleepers
and steps
an old confidante of mine
drive on for so long
without complaint
by day
in the dark
at night
the dangers grow
the mines threaten
the foreign arises
who will protect me
in the unknown land
if your own street
no longer reveals itself?

Jan. 2001

It was yesterday
when I was busy
advanced into the morning
the previous day
I went
in the future
and then
I dared to do it again
the past
to conjure up quickly
- Step ladder
distributed in rooms
the years rush
within seconds
back to the hour of birth
my life goes on
in the spheres
more dissipated
Curd units
Ion currents
are located
in the process of decay
in the end comes
the hour maker
collects by sacks
the seconds
asks you the question
whether you loved
and lived happily
from the time
created yourself.

Jan. 2001

Rainstorm in the desert

At long last rolled the rainstorm
rumbling into the plain
unleashing storm and thunder
over a parched and thirsty land
whipping palm trees and chollas
drenching mountain sides and valleys
see, the avenger has finally come
ravines and arroyos are flooding
no longer prepared for this demand
to hold abundance - life and water.
Alas, the storm has not arrived to stay
it will leave behind a dried-up land
Sonoran death and beauty
our existence is fragile and threatened
embrace the shadow of the morning
and build a sturdy home
the storms come much too seldom
they destroy and recreate.

Feb 2001

Live deeper

remain silent
to learn the language
close your eyes
to see the beautiful
cover your ears
to hear the music
go into solitude
to find the community
to look up
to discover the depth
float above the earth
to find the reason
give up on yourself
to return to yourself
you say
to hear the self
to die
to be born.

Feb 2001

digital tide
of information
and nonsense
in great abundance
it slides
the language
us through our fingers
only who thinks
what he says
and thinks
in the deep
lives too
with the word
lives itself

Feb. 2001

Basic setting

in the face
of death
for all eternity
despite the pain
be happy
in deep darkness
to the new day
around the flowers
on the grave of the beloved
to water
your name
into the heart of the neighbor
you are

March 2001

to people
and you
what did you do
how did you live
who did you love
who did you help
do you suspect
why you were born
is known to you
what to help means
you know
that you have to die
do you see
that you
will return
to the origin
will you
can then face you
in the face
of the great
will you
at that moment
can reveal
then you own
the force
to let go
and in the morning
to fly in?

March 2001

Many veins
traverse the country
of mountain heights
down to river valleys
Lettering old
stand out
into the ground
written by a master
who is so big and strange
familiar and dark
Book for us
Furrows of life
and blood vessels
Word to word
lined up
the world
only the free flier
the reader
at a great height.

March 2001

I am
you are
he is
she is
you are
you are
but we
are all human.

March 2001

My language
My language
is my house
my words
are my rooms
my songs
are the windows
my thoughts
are the foundations
my feelings
are the stones
my heartbeat
enlivens the house
from the roof
to the ground
I sing there
my whole life.

March 2001

If I write
my heart opens
when i read
Will you come to me
when I think
I go to you
when i laugh
we are two
when i cry
I am alone
let us write
read think
then nobody will
be lonely.

March 2001

The stranger
in me
is your brother
the fear
in front of the others
is directed
against ourselves
the monsters
belong to the family
and are
who has not
different skin color
other language
different culture
other beliefs
in his blood
the big meadow
of humanity
wins first
through the many
colorful flowers
look at the world
she turns
in the kaleidoscope
swirling colors
whirling people
of fates
there are so many.

March 2001

and woman
from two
make one
Love bonds
and strangers
two bodies
twice longing
who can
that goes
the merger one
life flows
from you to me
from here to you
a cycle

March 2001

Salt of life
and bitterness of gall
pain of death
experiences of loss
night follows day
the young grow old
and then the end.
Sugar of life
from our pain
the day returns
after each night
the loss makes room
for ever new growth
our tears will soak
a fertile soil
fear not the dark
it stands at the cradle
of all our light.

March 2001

A ship
in the harbor
its anchor
made of gold
the sails
studded with jewels
the waves
make it lilt
a rudderless
the wind
pushes the ship
out into the open
stormy sea
the lover came
the lover left
cameo appearance
tears swell
from her bosom
broken promises
drift away.

April 2001

in the dark
waiting in the light
on the tip of your tongue
infinite readiness
for the moment
of fertile creation
the time
when you break
down the barrier
when you give
yourself away
when the stream
in a rush of black water
the birthing
begins to happen
then you will
catch the word
and the word
will carry you
home into the future
of our past
and greet you gently.

April 2001

My student
Youthful expectations
with dreams of life
in the midst of decision making
hold your breath
forge ahead
the stumbling blocks
are so many
how to choose
learning or love
lover or teacher
blissful combination
or dedication
gradual growth
or leapfrogging
what should I do?
show me the right way
give me company
teach me whom to love
tell me what to do
where will the flower
of inspiration
be allowed to bloom?
of education
where do I put my heart
if the mind
takes a different turn?

April 2001

A boulder
by eons
of life
a witness
to night
and day
to tears
and laughter
to death
and creation
and actor
by the waves
by many hands
of secrets.

April 2001

Who likes
to the home country
to return
back to the parents' house
in the youth
it is denied to us
to go back
despite all longing
and love remembrance
because the garden gate
closed itself
behind us
and the way
through the tall
Thicket of our years
to the familiar
Flower borders
don't you think
a forest grew up
casts deep shadows
just ask the lumberjack
the little garden
he doesn't know.

April 2001

What to me
stands in the way
to live
as in a dream:
the necessary profession
the necessary insurance
the tiresome taxes
the expensive car
the latest in camera equipment
the computer
including printer
the aging body
the wrong desires
the misguided desire
the failed hope
the nightmare
of consumption
of money
oh lord
give me the strength
the freedom to seek
spare me
and take
the machines back
and the furniture
and the car
the burdensome house
take it
take it
they all stand
in the way of freedom
the soul strives
according to the light
the morning calls
leave it
see me
let me
set off there
To be human
in a dream
or in the word
once only.

April 2001


Question after question

How so
we don't scream anymore
in protest
if the number
of the dead soldiers
grows daily
why do we take it
just grumbling
when the mountain
of felled trees
up to the sky
why do we accept
the chatter of the government
of sacrifices and exploits
although the mothers themselves
scratch their faces
in helpless desperation
how so,
my friends,
we go voluntarily
to the slaughter
if we all do
are born to life
and why
we choose again and again
the fox in sheep's clothing
as our dictator
without understanding
how much our lifeblood
every day
on the fields
uselessly shed.
Pay attention to the signals
my friend,
in the end it counts
to get up in the dark
and the masks
defiantly demolish
‘No pasaran’
but we walk
to the morning
brave ahead
the mother earth

November 2, 2004

Your fear
eats away
your hearts
your fearfulness
in your mind
your concern
before terrorist attacks
blind your eyes
who should see in the dark
your unrest
because of the threat
any enemy
paralyzes your tongue
who wants to protest
your faint-heartedness
holds the hand tight
the different
willing to choose
your insecurity
lies leaden
on your feet
and you stay at home
your bigotry
dull your ears
you can no longer hear the screams
and your hatred
dull and acidic
deep in the stomach
blows up
humanity in two.

Greetings from Nero!

If that's lying
begins to pay off again
if deception
the public
with a prayer
can be covered
if honesty
and courage for free opinion
as hostile to the state
and suspicious of terrorism
may be denounced
if black and white painting
the hearts again
can swell
if patriotism
with loyalty
is confused
and those who think differently
the door is shown
when bitter tears
about the misery
of the hungry and the poor
as an expression
apply to personal weakness
if waste of money
to the new virtues
belongs to the Conservatives
if political fraud
brazen about daily politics
will be charged
and when the prisons
with the nameless
begin to fill up again
got the big wheel
of ancient history
turned completely in the round.

70 years - passed quickly

The time has come again
practicing silence
we need to change our thinking
Place in the refrigerator compartment
reason is no longer required
we don't want to be rude
but silence is the order of the day
who believes in a faithful Christian way
may from now on be completely free
count among the blessed
but only in the other life
our suffering helps the big heads
always opening new control holes
that we will pay
through the permanent war
what do you want to suffer for so long
the debts can be deferred
find our dead
always a grave
among the hissing
Oil rigs.


Samoa, for example
and the Seychelles
with leaking waves
on golden beaches,
oh, fantasy
the tourist industry.
If I have a sapling
at home
plant carefully
and it promises to hit
there is no need for Ayers Rock
or the red rocks
at Sedona
in northern Arizona
about the deep breath
can also be felt in me
The green leaves
delicately feathered
are among the largest
Wonders of the world
early in the morning.

World languages

In the case
of the Tower of Babel
I am grateful
and torment me
with the languages
day in and day out.
How few
I can speak
but i love them all.
The many voices
form a choir
that we human race
If i give you
my love
wants to confess
I could
say a thousand times
without repeating myself.
What would have happened to us
if the tower
would not have collapsed
and we started screaming
in monotonous singsong.

March 2005


In the evening
looked god
tired of their great work
back to the blue cue ball
and shuddered in horror
about the human creature.
The next day
tried Krishna with difficulty
to correct his mistake
but she did not succeed
because the bristle lump of clay
fell from his hands.
As Allah on the third day
had no more hope
to blow their eager dolls minds
and tell them about love
he invented nirvana
and went to sleep
in the blue sky.
The following evening
Buddha-Manitu withdrew in bitterness
back to the secret desert
the endless bloodshed
and the cries of the victims
not having to listen anymore.
But they are still fighting today
with crosses and crescents
in front of the temple wall
each other down
in the name of a god
who never wanted that
The kneeling
they are about to sting
in the midst of joyful singing
down as a sacred sacrifice
and bathe in satisfaction
in the steaming rush of blood.

March 2005

I am political

When I see a leaf flutter
I understand the mighty tree.
When I hear a brook babble
I sense the great river.
When I pick up a pebble
I understand the mighty mountains.
When I put your hand in mine
I feel your heartbeat deeply.
When I read a new word
A whole world opens up to me.
When I hear screams
the old ghosts rise
so much suffering and misery
that I cannot speak of it.
But I want to sing love songs
of happiness and longing and dream
of tomorrow.
If you really want to love
do you have to fight bitterly,
because we are political people
we never live alone.

Oct. 2005.


your sad eyes
look deep through me
they have seen a lot
way too much
and more to come.
how much blood will flow
how many more screams will we hear?
Will the bread ever be enough?
who will die miserably of thirst in the desert?
What happened to love
where has hope got to?
until today you look
through the shine
of glittering goods
through my clothes
and through my skin
but where?
you created
precisely because
the beauty of suffering
and truly guide us
into another country
that we all dream of
Even if we still cry today.

Oct. 2005.

(since November 2004)