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Mastercard RED

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Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about your card - find out everything you need to know about usage, credit and more in detail.

For product information

You can check the balance of your Mastercard RED free of charge by SMS. A single registration is sufficient.

There are only the fees that your mobile operator charges for sending an SMS.

How to log in
Send an SMS with your card number to +43 (0) 664 660 4404

How to query the credit
Are you sending an SMS with? to +43 (0) 664 660 4404

How to sign out
Send an SMS with "off" to +43 (0) 664 660 4404

How to deactivate all SMS services
Send an SMS with "end" to +43 (0) 664 660 4404

If your mobile phone number changes, first deactivate all SMS services from your old mobile phone number and register for the SMS services again on the next working day from your new number as described above.

Together with your Mastercard RED you will receive a personal access code ("customer control number"). This allows you to access the online credit check for prepaid cards at any time. Use the following services there free of charge:

  • Display of the current balance
  • Overview of completed transactions

You need that for the login

  • the card number of your prepaid card
  • Your personal access code ("customer control number")

We will be happy to transfer any remaining credit to an account of your choice.

This service is free for one year after the card expires. Before the card expires or later than one year after it expires, a fee of 5% of the amount exchanged (min. EUR 2 and max. EUR 5) will be charged.

This is how it works:

Please use the reimbursement form on the right, fill it in completely and send it to us with the postage paid together with the card.

Once your card has expired, we will keep the remaining credit available for you for 30 years.

For all PayLife prepaid cards issued from June 1, 2018, we charge EUR 2.00 per month to keep the credit available from the 4th month after the card expires. This maintenance fee is deducted from the remaining credit on the expired card at the beginning of the following month.

A refund of your remaining balance is possible at any time using the refund form.

You can load the Mastercard RED with a freely selectable balance between EUR 10, - and EUR 5,000, -.

Please note, however, that the credit available on the card must not exceed EUR 5,000.

In the Prepaid Reload Center you can top up credit on your Mastercard RED at any time. You only need the card number.

Payment is convenient and secure with your credit card and your 3D Secure password with mobileTAN.

Your Mastercard RED has a card account with its own IBAN. You can simply transfer credit to this card account using IBAN and BIC.

You will find the exact transfer details on the back of your card. The data can also be seen in your online credit question or on the carrier of your card.

In the case of transfers from abroad, the BIC must also be given.

Anyone who has the account information can easily transfer funds to the card account.

Please note that you may only use the card in your own name and for your own account. This means that only funds from private relationships can be kept on the card. No money from business relationships (e.g. professional expenses that you make for a company) should run through your card.

If you have received the card for work from your employer, please ensure that you do not use the card for private purposes.

Charges for cash are possible up to a maximum of September 30, 2021, depending on the sales point.

Note: Please inquire about the current availability of the service directly from your desired sales point.

To load new credit onto your Mastercard RED, choose from the following options:

It depends on how / where you top up the credit.

  • Online: credit is available immediately
  • By transfer: credit is usually available after 3 bank working days.

You register your card for the 3D Secure process free of charge and decide on an authentication method: Via the PayLife secCheck app or with a password and mobileTAN.

In all online shops that use 3D Secure, you will be asked to approve the payment using the authentication method you selected during registration (PayLife secCheck app or 3D Secure password).

Payment will only be made after entering your personal security feature (3D secure password, biometric security feature or app PIN).

In this way, you identify yourself as a legitimate cardholder and pay securely on the Internet - because payments can only be made with the correct 3D Secure password and a mobileTAN that is sent to you via SMS.
The merchant does not find out your password or app PIN - they only receive information as to whether the payment can be carried out.

No. Both registration and use of 3D Secure are free of charge for you. The usual costs of your telecommunications provider are incurred for using the app or sending the mobileTAN.

To register, you need your Mastercard RED, your "one-time password" and your mobile phone.
You will receive the one-time password together with your Mastercard RED - this is provided on the card carrier paper, protected. You can use it to register your card.

Yes, you can choose a personal password or PIN during registration.

With an online payment, you then enter the selected authentication and identify yourself as the legitimate cardholder.

Only you know your 3D Secure password.
If you have forgotten your password, please re-register. To do this, you need a new one-time password and your card as well as your mobile phone to receive the mobileTAN.

Yes. If you register again, you can assign a new password.
Simply start the registration with your card number and the system will recognize that you have already registered a 3D Secure password. Authenticate yourself with this and assign a new one in the next step.

Yes. If you register again, you can assign a new APP PIN.
Simply start the registration with your card number and the system will recognize that you are already registered with 3D Secure. Authenticate yourself with the PayLife secCheck app and assign a new app PIN in the next step.

In the online shop you can tell from the logo whether the 3D Secure procedure is offered.

This is how a payment works:

  1. When ordering, choose the payment method credit card (or Mastercard) and enter the card details.
  2. The system now checks whether your Mastercard RED is registered for 3D Secure with the PayLife secCheck app or 3D Secure password + mobileTAN - another input mask opens on your screen.
  3. The input mask contains the merchant and payment data.
  4. Are both correct? Then enter the payment either with the PayLife secCheck app or by entering the 3D Secure password and mobileTANs.
  5. If you have been successfully authenticated, the payment will be made.

The merchant does not get to know your data - he only receives the information whether the payment can be carried out.

You can take out specific travel insurance with your Mastercard RED when you are planning a trip.
This means that you have exactly the insurance cover you need - when you need it.

The premium depends on the number of people, the place of stay and the duration of the trip.
The exact prices can be found on the information sheet - or you can easily calculate them online from our insurance partner.

Everyone who has travel insurance is insured.
You can find the services in detail in the information sheet.

No, travel cancellation insurance is not included.
However, when you take out insurance, you have insurance for the deductible.
This means: if, for example, you take out cancellation insurance when booking your trip, and a cancellation occurs, the deductible will be reimbursed up to the insured amount.