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Heinz Hoenig At 69 years old: he became a father again

Actor Heinz Hoenig (69, "The King of St. Pauli") and his wife Annika (35) have become parents, according to the magazine "Frau im Spiegel". "It's a boy. It's a dream child," the 69-year-old is quoted as saying. It is the third child for Hoenig. He has two grown children with his first wife Simone, who died in 2012. Annika Kärsten-Hoenig also brought a 14-year-old daughter into the marriage.

Heinz Hoenig: "It is an absolute dream child"

In May, Hoenig announced that he and his wife Annika were expecting offspring. In October, the actor "Frau im Spiegel" revealed that it will be a boy: "We can hardly wait for the boy to finally come. It is an absolute dream child," he said. Wife Annika, with whom Hoenig has been married since March 2019, added: "Having a baby together was our very big dream. And that it will now be a boy, I'm all the more pleased because I already have a teenage daughter."

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