Renault Clio shudders when braking downhill

Jerking when braking ...

Good Morning,

are the latest I have weider jerking when braking!

Drive a Renault CLio'92 and have had the problem before ... then I just loosened the handbrake and got rebalanced brake discs and the problem was dealt with for a short time. But now it jerks again when I brake from higher speeds.

In addition, it squeaks when I turn the steering wheel a little while driving, as if I have to oil something ... in my opinion comes from the left front wheel ...

Can you help me??

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My buddy also drives a Clio and has exactly the same problem. His wheel bearing is defective.

Mfg Frank

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First of all, thanks for the answer...

can you tell me roughly how much the repair cost it ???

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The problem is, he won't have it repaired because he's going to buy a new car anyway and his father has replaced the last wheel bearing. He's pretty fit there.

But with my Twingo back then, replacing a wheel bearing (not a Renault but a private workshop) cost around 250 EUR. I hope I remember that correctly. Definitely not the cheapest fun.

Mfg Frank

Hello ...

I think your front brake discs will be out of balance. Happens when you make powerful braking maneuvers from high speed and the disc is not designed for this and overheats.

Take a look at the panes, if they are VERY WELLY or if they even have visible cracks, they definitely have to be replaced. If your driving style is correspondingly sporty, it may be worthwhile for you to buy perforated discs from a tuner, as they may last longer.

If your discs are not wavy, it could also be the brake piston (but I think it's UNLIKELY!), Which is no longer good and allows pressure to drop when braking. You should ALSO notice this in the brake fluid reservoir. By the way, this is not to be trifled with, otherwise you step on the brakes for a day and nothing happens !!

A wheel bearing clicks, but does not grind. Wheel bearings are, however, a Clio disease ;-)

I had such a drag that later turned into a high-pitched singing (whenever the steering wheel turned SLIGHTLY to the left). I couldn't find the reason for weeks until I realized that the silent bushing in the wishbone was knocked out.

If it is the wheel bearing, a change costs between € 75 and € 140 at independent workshops. I paid € 75 for the Corsa (pressed in front!), The most expensive offer was € 138.

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Originally written by Rotherbach

Hello ...


I think your front brake discs will be out of balance. ...

Greetings Kester

Explained competently. All attention! :)

As an "ex-Clio driver, I can't add anything more.: Cool:



jojo the brakes are also so ne clio disease.

at that time i had converted from normal discs to derok discs (slotted and perforated) and was actually satisfied, then ate power disc (also good) and at the moment i drive tarox discs (finely grooved) am also satisfied with it.

you can bend the original windows from the clio!

about the phenomenon: I think everyone has had the same thing, especially with the clio.

When my first disks also complained so miserably and then I drove the derok, the "scratching" was still there! what now??

very simple: the wheel flange on which the disc sits is very susceptible to rust and the disc just didn't touch the bottle.

Conclusion: too lazy workshop !!!!!!!!

So down the window and bare the flange but right! if it is still not gone, the panes are really crooked!

I assume that the brake calipers run smoothly.

see you !!

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First of all, thanks for all the good tips, but now I have one more question.

What if I don't change the wheel bearing (if that's where the problem is)? Will the tire fall off at some point or how can I imagine it ...

I don’t have any money to have this repaired at the moment ...

Kind regards

It could be that the bearing seizes up. Then nothing works anymore. But you won't lose the tire anytime soon. At least not because of that.

But once the camp is solid, it will be more expensive than if you let it be done now. Under certain circumstances, a new shock absorber might even come into question.

But this statement is not guaranteed. Fortunately, I haven't had to experience that up to now.




So ... a stuck camp can be nasty and will definitely be more expensive than changing it early.

However * g * when your wheel bearing is done with the world, it gets damn loud! So loud that driving the car is no longer fun at all, but tends towards torture. And then it doesn't matter how the steering wheel is turned, that is ALWAYS present. And then it sounds more like GRINDING that swells up and down.

I drove another 5000 km with my damaged wheel bearing, but then it was unbearable, a broken exhaust is more pleasant * g *! But it is not a guarantee that yours will last that long.

Just keep it under observation for the next few days and when it gets louder you know what to do.

Greetings Kester

So changing the wheel bearing is not that expensive if you do it yourself! the wheel bearing for the 92 Clio costs around 25 euros! You can easily test whether it is in the warehouse:

Jack up the car, remove the wheel and then turn the brake disc, if you hear a permanent Crackling when turning, the bearing has to be removed!

For removal and installation:

1. Build the wheel on the side where you suspect the defective wheel bearing!

2. Take off the caliper!

3. Exactly in the middle of the brake disc is a large nut (key size approx. 34 I think)

4. then you can remove the bearing including the brake disc from the axle!

5. Brake disc off!

6. to get the bearing out of the anchoring it is best to use a puller or you can beat it out with a hardwood peg (the bearing is already broken anyway)

7. Then insert the new bearing, but be careful when hammering in (preferably softer wood) the new bearings are quite sensitive!

And then just add everything again!

I have probably already changed the wheel bearings on my Clio 4 times! Renault fooled them, they never last long!

But that's because the ball runner of the bearing is made of the cheapest plastic * etch *

the front wheel bearings are unfortunately a real clio-a disease.

Change yourself but can still go in the pants.

p.s. The rear wheel (especially with drum brakes) can easily lose with a defective wheel bearing Relatic, which is especially fun in fast corners, with heavy oncoming traffic ......


So I have the Clio A '96 and the wheel bearings have been broken since about 8000 and it is still running * gg * but the replacement is due soon ... costs 54 euros in the workshop per wheel bearing including VAT.

greeting high