How much does a Theracycle cost

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If you know exactly what costs will be incurred in advance of your studies, you can set the course for a speedy study in good time.

1. Study costs (institutional costs, tuition fees)

At each university you must enroll Semester fees will be paid. These contributions vary from university to university and are usually made up as follows:

  • Shares for the composed student body (AStA, Stura)
  • Shares for the work of the student union
  • possibly shares for the use of a semester ticket

Some universities also levy Registration and administration fees (around 50 euros per semester). You may also have to S.tuition fees (for example for the second degree or for a very long study period). The general tuition fees for the standard period of study, which were introduced in seven federal states from 2006, have been a thing of the past since the 2014/2015 winter semester.

Whether the course itself also incurs costs depends on the specific subject.

2. Cost of living (individual costs)

The average cost of living for single undergraduate students who live alone or in a shared apartment and are enrolled in full-time studies was around 819 euros per month in the 2016 summer semester.

This includes rent, travel costs, costs for food, clothing, learning materials, health insurance, telephone, internet, radio and television fees and spending on leisure activities.

The Expenses for rent and ancillary costs put the most strain on students' wallets. They spend an average of 37 percent of their monthly income on housing.

The German Energy Agency (dena) has put together manufacturer-independent tips for students on buying and using the most important IT devices in a brochure. So that after moving into your own apartment, the devices burden your first electricity bill as little as possible.

At the beginning of their studies, many students usually become familiar with the topic for the first time Insurance faced. In order not to fall into the trap of overinsurance, you should carefully consider which insurance is really necessary.

Health and long-term care insurance is the only one Compulsory insurance For students, private liability insurance is also the most important voluntary insurance.


Note: Students can pay the costs for their first training (e.g. tuition fees, rent for shared accommodation, costs for specialist literature) in accordance with Section 9 (6) of the Income Tax Act Not claim as income-related expenses. The Federal Constitutional Court considers this regulation to be compatible with the Basic Law (decision of November 19, 2019).