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Oral sex: 7 women reveal what they like best

Licking, French cunnilingus, fellatio, oral sex - no matter what you call it: For many women, oral sex can be particularly intense and pleasurable. Provided your partner knows what he's doing.

We asked seven women what makes perfect oral sex for them. Read and learn, dear men.

Maria, 24, graphic designer: "He should eat’ my vagina "

"For me it must by no means just be so timid tickling with my tongue that I get the impression that he really doesn't feel like it. On the contrary: He should" eat up "my vagina, but is allowed to do so of course not rough be.

It makes a lot of difference when you know that he loves it and thinks it is cool. From a purely technical point of view, the tongue and fingers are always a good combination. "

Maja, 27, artist: "Nobody needs a sluggish tornado or a mixer."

"Most men think they have it all. A lot of women play along a little at the beginning so as not to unsettle them. But at some point there comes a time when you can tell him how to do something and just tell your head adjusted.

Good oral sex is a Interplay of technology and passion. If he just licks around listlessly, masturbation is a hundred times better. It is also bad when he uses his tongue like a mixer - terrible. The guy should put himself in the woman's shoes and think about how it would be best for her: sometimes slower, sometimes faster, sometimes wilder, sometimes quieter, sucking, licking ...

The man should make the woman feel that what is before his eyes is the most beautiful thing on earth, at least for the moment. "Love and desire my pussy!" applies to this moment of felt infinity.

You can tell by looking at the woman when she stimulates what. In any case, she doesn't need a sluggish tornado. Maybe some should Licking course with a tangerine. As a dry run, so to speak. That would do a lot of guys good. Practice makes perfect, after all. There is just as little a strict plan for licking as for birding. "

Anja, 25, psychologist: "Pay attention to whether the woman is moaning"

"As with everything else, the most important thing is to Signals of the woman respect, think highly of. If she moans more, it means she's enjoying what you're doing. You are on the right track, just keep going or maybe even getting a little faster and more intense. Delaying is also good, so stop shortly before the climax, again very slowly and do little.

I actually like it when the clitoris is the focus, but don't forget the rest of the genital area and dare to walk away from the clitoris completely. Just don't forget to come back. Vaginally, I prefer it with two fingers or with whatever sextoys you have there.

If you still have one hand free, reach out to help Pelvis, buttocks or breasts. I can't say in general whether the finger movements should be circular or more frontal. It's all in the mix and it depends on the moment - you have to pay attention to the signals from your partner again! "

Christina, 26, IT student: "You should really take your time for oral sex"

"I've rarely had an orgasm during oral sex because I usually don't have the pressure - I like it relatively hard. The best thing is additional vaginal penetration, either with fingers or with sex toys.

And you should really take your time for oral sex. As a foreplay you should use the Include the inside of the thigh. It's also great to have your hands handcuffed. But since I rarely came, for me it is often just the act of the partner giving oral pleasure to someone who is valued. "

Bea, 24, psychology student: "Slowly feel your way from the outside"

"I think a little pressure with your tongue is not wrong. And concentrate during the entire session not exclusively on the clitoris. Slowly feel your way from the outside.

And please try to check if that's enough. For example, I find it annoying when I get the feeling that the guy really wants me to lick it. At some point it just becomes too passive for me. Then he spends what feels like an hour down there and I just think: "Bro, now come back upstairs and let's really get started."

Venja, 23, student: "Be sensitive. That's a temple down there"

"I think a bit of pressure with the tongue is good, but not so bad. I am also happy to penetrate a bit with the tongue. Just add variety, so use it not just your tongue, but your hands too.

The clitoris is of course important, but it doesn't stick to it all the time. Also varies the movements of the tongue: let it circle, use only the tip of the tongue, suckle and so on.

And proceed with sensitivity. That's a temple down there. And don't be afraid just ask if the woman likes it. Besides, the guy shouldn't have the claim that the woman will necessarily get away with it. In any case, it's always nice when the guy does that. "

Mia, 26, psychotherapist: "Let your lips go!"

"The most important thing is to find the clitoris. Once you have found it, please don't celebrate it too much. Especially not if you are just starting to lick. You can also demonstrate over and over again that you know where it is is by heading for other realms and then returning purposefully - for the excitement.

Use the mobility of your tongue, it can do a lot more than just up and down! If the tongue can no longer do it, no problem. Let your lips go. A little bit Suck when she approaches orgasm, never hurts. "

This article was written by Moritz Diethelm