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Because there were evidently fluctuations in the amount of water in the past, we decided to cancel all previously achieved belt grades and to resume belt training in the Maintal performance center with new rules. 1. The amount of water per infusion is 120ml. The automatic infusion is measured and adjusted if necessary before each training session. 2. Belt addresses must be confirmed within three training sessions at the latest, otherwise they will expire. 3. In the future, a maximum of nine sauna riders from the competition group will be admitted for belt training. The prioritization of registrations is regulated by an internal ranking list. 4. The training lasts three laps and begins at 6:30 pm at the latest. Anyone who does not appear by then loses ranking points and cannot participate in the training. Anyone who leaves training before the end of the three training rounds also loses ranking points. Today Alex, Bastian, Bea, Bernhard, Eddy, Michael, Martin, Oli, Stefan, Thomas and Uschi appeared. Eddy and Oli and Uschi and Bastian have shared a place in the team. Alex appeared late and was represented in the first round by Uschi. Bea, Thomas and Alex (Uschi) form the RED team, Bernhard, Eddy / Oli and Stefan represented the BLUE team and Bastian, Martin and Michael were the GREEN team. The 50% increase in the amount of water turned out to be a great challenge for us. When Bea, the last fighter for the Reds, left the dressing room after only 7:04 and Bernhard couldn't crack the eight-minute mark for Team Blau and Michael for the Greens either, we feared that we would not be able to regain our belts under these circumstances. As a reminder: black = 13 minutes, brown = 11 minutes, blue = 10 minutes, green = 9 minutes, orange-green = 8 minutes, ... yellow = 5 minutes. In the second round, however, a considerable increase was already recorded. Alex and Thomas still just failed the eight-minute hurdle with 7:45 and 7:44, but Bernhard was at least able to mark the orange-green belt with a time of exactly eight minutes. Michael gave everything again, but then had to give up after 7:35. In the last lap, however, Alex started a big attack and was even able to reach exactly ten minutes! Thomas overcame the eight minutes in the same group. Immediately afterwards, Bernhard also tried to attack the 10 minutes, but the two previous laps had already drained too much of his strength and he had to be satisfied with exactly 9:00 (address on the green belt). In the end, Bernhard won the day with a total time of 24:12, followed by Thomas (22:28). A jump-off had to decide about third place and the associated promotion to the ROT team next time, because Alex and Michael each had a total time of 21:50. This jump-off was the highlight of the evening, along with Alex's 10-minute performance. The two knights took their places in the sauna at a suitable distance from each other and Stefan poured continuously with the ladle - sitting on the lower row and only barely protected from the heat with a towel and bathrobe. After just a few ladles, however, it was so hot that Alex and Michael could no longer breathe normally. In the end it was not even four minutes, then both of them quickly left the cabin and Alex had managed to stay seated for a split second longer. That was a very exciting and exciting stabbing that was offered to the remaining knights, who almost flattened their noses on the glass door. Final score: 1st Bernhard 24:12 2nd Thomas 22:28 3rd Alex (Uschi) 21:50 4th Michael 21:50 5th Bea 20:55 6th Stefan 19:07 7th Martin 18:11 8th Eddy / Oli 17:49 9. Bastian / Uschi 15:23 Martin was in the performance center for the first time and like Oli still has to get used to the sauna and Eddy has only just recovered from a stubborn cold. Bastian is a little behind in training due to his job. But Bea's performance was very strong, she achieved the second-best result on the cold place, even winning against Thomas in the first round (16th place at the 2009 men's World Cup)!