How to play 99 balloons guitar chords

Nena - 99 balloons chords

Do you have some time for me. Then I'll sing a song for you

From 99 balloons on their way to the horizon.

Are you thinking of me? Then I'll sing a song for you

From 99 balloons and that something like that comes

99 balloons on their way to the horizon were thought to be UFOs from space

So sent a general. A squadron behind

To sound the alarm if it was so. There were only 99 balloons on the horizon

99 Duesenjaeger Everyone was a great warrior

Thought they were Captain Krik. That gave a big fireworks display

The neighbors didn't get anything and felt turned on straight away

99 balloons were shot on the horizon

99 Minister of War, matchstick and petrol can

Believed themselves to be clever people, already smelled fat prey

Riefen: War and wanted power. Man, who thought that

That it will come to that because of 99 balloons

99 years of war left no room for winners

There are no longer any ministers of war, and there are also no jet pilots

Today I do my rounds and see the world lying in ruins

Found a balloon. Think of yourself and let it fly