Is whatever a compound word for drift


CategoriAlmanca─░ngilizceIrregular verb1Irregular verbwhat, were - been[v]be (am / is / are)general2generaldissatisfied with what one has[adj]dissatisfied with what one has3generalWhat ever[adv]any4generaland what not[adv]and what not5generaland what's worse[adv]and what is worse6generalas for me[adv]as far as i am concerned7generalas far as I am concerned[adv]as far as i am concerned8generalas for me[adv]as far as i am concerned9generalas for me[adv]as far as I concerned10generalas for me[adv]as far as i am concerned11generalas far as I am concerned[adv]as far as I concerned12generalas for me[adv]as far as i am concerned13generalas for me[adv]as far as i am concerned14generalas for us[adv]as far as we are concerned15generalcontrary to what you believe[adv]contrary to what is believed16generalcontrary to what is often claimed[adv]contrary to what is believed17generalcontrary to what is commonly believed[adv]contrary to what is believed18generalbut what[conj]but what19generalWhat-if analysis[f]what-if analysis20generalWhat-if analysis[f]sensitivity testing21generalWhat-if analysis[f]what-if analysis22generalLow-key (what concerns oneself)[f]understatement23generalAgreement on what to do[f]agreement on what to do24generalIdiot (as far as the own person is concerned)[m]self-effacing person25generalknow what you want[v] know one's own mind26generalsave what can be saved[v] make the best of a bad job27generalto be completely naked (as far as ...)[v] be a babe in the woods (when it comes to ...)28generaldon't know what to do[v] be at a loss what to do.29generalpiling up (as far as oneself is concerned)[v] belittle yourself30generalforesee what someone will do[v] second-guess someone31generalshow what's in you[v] show / prove one's mettle32generalcontent themselves with what is available to eat[v] take pot luck33generalto give up something (what one has)[v] relinquish something34generaldon't know what to say[v] be at a loss for words35generalstick to exactly what someone said[v] take someone at his word36generalpick up something (what someone said)[v] take someone up on something (previously said)37generalwanting what others have (suffering from material pressure to adapt)[v] keep up with the Joneses38generaldo what you want[v]act according to one's whims39generalwondering what happened[v]ask what happened40generalask what it is[v]ask what it is41generalkeep what you promise[v]be as good as one's promise42generalkeep what you promise[v]be as good as one's word43generalkeep what you promise[v]be as good as your word44generalbe satisfied with what you have[v]be content with what you have45generalbe good at everything he / she has set on his / her mind[v]be great at anything he / she sets one's mind to46generalwatch what you say[v]be guarded in what one says47generalbe hopeful about the future[v]be hopeful for the future48generalnot being able to finish what to say[v]be unable to finish what one was saying49generalcan't believe what you've heard[v]can not believe what one hear50generalshow what you can really do[v]come into one's own51generalwhat![v]come off it!52generaldeal with what happened[v]deal with what happens53generaldeserve something better[v]deserve better54generaldo what someone says[v]do as one says55generaldo what you like[v]do what one feel likes doing56generalalready something![interj]big deal!57generalWhat?[interj]eh58generalno matter what[pron]any59generalWhat use is itOf what avail is it?60generaljudging by what you sayjudging from what you say61generalHeaven knows what's next!God only knows what'll happen next!62generalWhatever may come.Come what may.63generalCan you explain to me what this is all about?Could you clarify that for me?64generaleverything your heart desiresall your heart desires65generalThe author was present himself.The author was there himself.66generalthe best you can think ofthe best one could possibly imagine67generalThe car took a beating.The car really copped it.68generalwhat spins fastwhirligig69generalwhat God forbidGod forbid70generaland what happenswhat if71generalwhat mightcome hell or high water72generalwhat on the other handwhich in turn73generalwhat goes with itwith everything that comes with that74generalwhat may!Come what may come!75generalas for thatas to that76generalwhat you want!do your worst!77generalanything elsesomething else78generalas for mespeaking for myself79generalwhat the hellwhat in blazes80generalwhat concernsas to81generalWonder whatgoodness knows what82generalwhat the hellwhat the heck83generalCome what may.Come what may.84generalWhat everwhichsoever85generalwhat is happeningwhatever happens86generalno matter whatany87generaljust what i needjust what I need88generalas for himas for him89generalWhat's happening?what's the matter?90generalWhat's this?what is that91generalWhat's new?what's the news?92generalWhat a nonsense!what nonsense!93generalWhat would you like?what can I do for you?94generalwhat awhat95generalWhat ever?whatever96generalWhat iswhat's97generalWhat iswhat isIdioms98Idiomshave something on your head[v]be round the bend99Idiomsknow what's going on[v]be with it100Idiomsknow what is what[v]be with it101Idiomsdetermine what happens[v]call the shots102Idiomsdetermine what happens[v]call the tune103Idiomsdetermine what happens[v]call one's own shots104Idiomsunderstand what someone is saying[v]catch somebody's drift105Idiomsget what someone is saying[v]catch somebody's drift106Idiomsunderstand what someone is trying to say[v]catch somebody's drift107Idiomsunderstand what someone means[v]catch somebody's drift108Idiomssee what happens[v]check what's up / going on / happening109Idiomssee what happened[v]check what's up / going on / happening110Idiomsunderstand what someone means[v]catch the drift111Idiomsget what someone is saying[v]catch the drift112Idiomsunderstand what someone is trying to say[v]catch the drift113Idiomsunderstand what someone is saying[v]catch the drift114IdiomsI would like to know what you are thinking. [transfer]A penny for your thoughts.115IdiomsAs for its appearance ...When it comes to looks ...116Idiomswhat likeCome what may117Idiomswhat to do and not to dothe dos and don'ts118Idiomswhat the hell!what the heck!119Idiomswhat to do and what not to dothe dos and don'ts120Idiomsno matter what it costsby hook or by crook121Idiomsno matter what it costsby hook or crook122Idiomssave what can be savedto make the best of a bad job123Idiomsas for meas far as i'm concerned124Idiomstell someone about the horsetell somebody a cock-and-bull story125Idiomssay what to saysay one's piece126Idiomsknow what is being playedknow the score127IdiomsForgive them because they don't know what they're doing!forgive them for they know not what they do!