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to reduceto reducenowadays / in the present timethese daysnocessarynecessary, necessarybe in charge of / be responsible forhave responsibility / leadership for / over, directequal / equalityequal, equal / equalityto covertreat, report on; coveraccording toaccordingly, according to, according to, loudto affectaffect, affect; affect the regulated entitiesrestrictionRestrictionto respond / responseanswer, react / answer, reactionbe willing to do willing to do somethingbe pleased / be satisfied withbe satisfied withto obeyobey, obeyto considerthink about, consider, consider
consider as, hold for to occuroccur, arise, occurincidentIncident, incident, incidentto rightput right, put in orderwith / in reference to / referring toin terms of what for praisepraiseused toearlierto overcome / get overovercomeunselfishselflessto honorto honorto receivehave gotto cope with sth.cope with, master somethingsuddensuddenly, suddenly, unexpectedlyto (dis) approve sth.approve of somethingdiscordDisagreement, discordto cherish sth.hold on to something, value somethingjealousy / envy; jealous ofJealousy; jealousvalueBenefit, valueadolescenceYouth. pubertyadolescentyouthful; Adolescentpermitallow, allow; permissionto requireneed, need, demandduty / obligationmandatoryprogressiveprogressiveopportunityOpportunity, chance, possibility[il] loyal (ity), [un] faithful (ness)[infidelity)doomDoom; condemn, condemn,be doomedbeing losttopicalcurrentto botherbother, (about) worryto mindhave something against; to worry; watch outto plot sth.plan something, invent something; intregateto arouse sth.awaken somethingto reveal sthreveal, reveal, show, expose somethingaffairMatter,unscrupulousunscrupulous, without hesitationto distinguish betweendistinguish betweento suppresssuppress, prohibit, abolishpleasurePleasure, joy; Favor, favor; At willto suggestpropose; suggest; to suggest, to suggestto comprehendunderstand, see; include, includehypocrite, hypocrisyHypocrite, hypocrisy(im) mature, maturity(un) ripe, maturitybe rid of sth.something to be going onto causecause, effect, induceto shape / adaptto adjustto emphasize / highlightemphasize, emphasizeto assumetake (opinion etc)to refer torefer toto side withTake sides, take someone's sideto implyimplyto apply toapply toto opposerefuse, opposelack ofLack of admireadmireto object tobring in, bring forward; accuse; protest; object (against)to preventprevent, preventis worth worth somethingto aidsupport, encourage, help, be helpfulto maintainhold up, hold up, waitdueappropriate; due, expected; obliged, shoulddue tobecause of, because of, in a rowresign, resignationresignation, resignationdisLikedislikeuniqueuniqueexaggeration (to exaggerate)exaggerationconscienceconscienceprospect (prospective) / vistaView, viewto evokeevoke, evoke; rememberto appreciateappreciate, appreciate; understand well, understand; acknowledge, be gratefulundoubtedlyundoubtedlyesteemRespect, respect; value highly; see as, consider forto ensuresecure, secure; to guaranteeto investigate (investigation)examine; explore; determineto entitlejm. entitlebenefitAdvantage, benefit, profit; Support; Favor, favor;
use, promote, favor; To have an advantage, to benefit from sorrow (ful)Sorrow, sorrow; Grief; Repentanceto surrenderTask; surrender, hand over, hand down, surrenderfor the latter / formerfor the latter / formerto brush upimprove, refreshto complaincomplain, complain; complainto sueSue (law); concernto prosperSucceed, thrivewhereaswhile (contrast)measuremeasureto estimate(Belief) to assess, evaluate, judge, appraisal, evaluationshape (... shaped by ...)design, adapt; plan, designsubstituteReplacement, replaceto doubtdoubtto concurto matchpressureprintto forge accordsForge an agreementto lag behindlag behind, slowly pass away; Strollingto urgeplead, urge; drive forwardto tackle a problemtackle a problem, tackle itsb. is running out of time to Time is running out to ......, in particular ...especiallyHe is likely to go.It is likely that he will leave.aspirationsAspirationsjoint / commoncommon (adj.)to tenderto offer; Offer; tenderremarkableremarkable... in terms of ...… in the form of…; … regarding …worthwhileworth the effort, rewardingto gather(accumulatein vainin vain, in vain, uselessto culminateculminateto restorerestoreto appointappoint, callto confirmto confirmvice versavice versabe / become aware of know about something, to become aware of somethingsb lacquer sth.something is missing from jminevitableinevitably; inevitableseverebad, severe (illness); hard, rough (weather)to bugannoy, make angrycoop uplock upvirtuallypractically (Adverb)deedAct, act; powerto evaluate sth.judge, evaluate something; estimateto denydeny, denyto forsakeabandon, give up (habits)surfacesurfaceto assisthelp, promote, assistamount ofa lot ofcertainlycertainlyto compriseconsist of, include (without prep.)to agechange, change, changeinfrequentRarea change for the worsea change for the first glanceat first glanceobviousobviouslyrecognitionrecognitionto strainwear outoccasionallyoccasionallyto pineyearnto preoccupybusy oneself (heavily)to denounce sbto denounce and denounce so muchcapable of; being capable of sthable, competent; able to do somethingobsoleteoutdated, outdated, obsoletealtruismselflessnessprejudiceprejudiceunder special circumstancesunder special circumstancesa variety ofdifferent, a variety ofto stand outdifferat the expense ofat the expense ofto set out toto intendto put the hours inwork hardto get aheadget ahead, be successfulfairlyquitevasthuge, wideto revolve aroundto turn around…scale ofExtent, extent ofto booststrengthen, stimulate; Reinforcementto rockshake, cause unrest