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and support the Dresden gastronomy in the Corona crisis.

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Great gift for connoisseurs

Our gift voucher
with free choice of restaurant in Dresden

For over 20 restaurants & bars in Dresden
Can be redeemed flexibly over 3 years
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Give anticipation and enjoyment while doing good at the same time

With the vouchers from PayNowEatLater you are guaranteed to be right! Because with our universal restaurant voucher (valid for all 1,200 partner restaurants across Germany) or a voucher for one of the more than 20 restaurants, bars or cafés in Dresden, there is guaranteed to be something for every taste
you also support the local gastronomy in the Corona crisis.

Also perfect last-minute as a PDF to print yourself

The ideal gift for connoisseurs: inside

With our gift voucher you are guaranteed to be right: From fine dining to rustic taverns, with over 1,200 restaurants across Germany, the right restaurant is guaranteed for every occasion and taste.

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Buy vouchers for restaurants, bars and cafes in Dresden

Easily buy vouchers for restaurants in Dresden online

Easily buy vouchers from your favorite shops and show solidarity

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You will receive the voucher as a card by post or immediately as a PDF by e-mail to print out yourself - ideal as a last-minute gift

Ideal as a gift
or to redeem yourself

Give away enjoyable time or redeem the voucher yourself. Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about our restaurant vouchers in Dresden

Can the universal restaurant voucher be redeemed in all restaurants in Dresden?

Yes, the paynoweatlater gift voucher can be redeemed for any restaurant listed on www.paynoweatlater.de (in Dresden and the surrounding area and all other cities).

What are the differences between the gift voucher and the restaurant vouchers in Dresden?

The restaurant voucher is only valid for certain restaurants. The gift voucher can be used for all partners on the paynoweatlater platform (in Dresden and all other cities), but it must be converted into a restaurant voucher beforehand. With the gift voucher you can give away the entire selection.

How can you redeem a gift voucher in Dresden?

To redeem a gift voucher, simply select the restaurant on paynoweatlater.de, choose the desired amount of voucher and enter the voucher code when paying. The vouchers for the specific restaurant must then be taken with you and you have to let them know that you have a voucher before paying.

How long are the restaurant and gift vouchers valid?

The validity of the gift vouchers and the vouchers for the restaurants in Dresden is 3 years from the date of purchase.

Is it possible to order a printed voucher card?

Yes, you can select this option in the payment process (both for the gift voucher and for the restaurants in Dresden) and you will normally receive a high-quality printed gift card within 3-4 working days.

Can restaurant vouchers be redeemed in Dresden during the lockdown / Corona?

According to our motto, you now buy vouchers (paynow) to support the restaurateurs in Dresden during these difficult times and redeem them later - when everything is back to normal - on site (eatlater). The vouchers should also be accepted for "ToGo" business. If the restaurant has an online shop, it is usually not possible to redeem the paynoweatlater vouchers there. A phone call with the restaurant helps here.

You can't make up your mind Do not you have to!
Guaranteed to meet every taste!

Our universal voucher with free choice of restaurant

With over 1,200 restaurants across Germany, there is the right restaurant for every taste and occasion and the voucher creates anticipation for enjoyable hours together!

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