What does worship mean in Arabic

What does worship mean?

“We have come to worship him,” said the wise men from the Orient to Herod. The XX. World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne took up this quote from the Gospel of Matthew (Mt 2.2). - Worship, what is it actually? The man in the dust and God as the almighty ruler? Why should Christians worship?

The term “worship” refers to a special form of prayer known to all religions that believe that there is only one God. The Christian faith understands worship as a dialogical event between God and man, i.e. not only as an attitude or an action of man towards God, but above all as an act of God towards man. It is an aspect of belief in the God who reveals himself.

Raising man up

The attitude of adoration urges embodiment in the form of gestures (bowing or kneeling down), words (request, thanksgiving, praise) or silence, explains the theologian Josef Weismayer.

The worship of God is "not a humiliation of man", but a raising of man, as the Jesuit Sebastian Painadath says. According to Christian understanding, to worship means to place oneself in the power of God, to expose oneself to his presence, to be allowed to be there with nothing but oneself and to know: he is there, he sees me, he is infinitely great, good and it is he, who unites all the love in the world.