How to post on fb via microwave

This is how it works: Post Instagram stories from your computer

If we look at Instagram Stories, we can very quickly identify two different "types". There are, on the one hand, the “hold up and post” stories and, on the other hand, the “clean pre-production and post” stories.

Brands that (want to) protect and defend their identity and corporate identity on all channels tend towards the second type of story. A coherent visual language, a planned storytelling approach and the right fonts and colors to give the images a recognition value.

"Stupid" with this approach is currently only the necessary workflow to then also put the stories online on Instagram. Because somehow the images produced have to come from the designer onto the Instagram cell phone. The synchronization via iCloud, Google Images, e-mail or whichever way may only take a few minutes. But it would be nicer if you could just omit this step.

Solution: Instagram Stories on the desktop

The solution to this problem is not that complicated (and has already been presented by us for normal IG posts).

You just have to pretend to Instagram on your desktop computer that you are using a mobile browser. As far as we know, the easiest way to do this is under Google Chrome:

  • Open a new tab and log in to
  • Open the menu item "View> Developer> Developer Tools"
  • Activate device toolbar (see screenshot)
  • Reload the website

Instagram then switches to mobile mode and not only offers you the opportunity to look at stories, but also to load and post them directly from your computer.

What is and what is not?

In contrast to a real cell phone, the possibilities for further manipulation are limited.

And that starts right away with the file format. Currently only JPG images can be selected. So not only PNGs but also all video files fall flat for now.

In addition, only a few stickers can be placed on the picture. Everything that has to do with interactions (or GIFs) is more or less dropped. Hashtag and Mention Stickers are also excluded.

Swipe-up and branded content are also not provided on the computer. That should be difficult, especially for larger accounts that rely on traffic or paid cooperations.

Painting and writing (in one font and font size), however, is possible. However, and that is the basic idea behind this approach, the story elements should already be pre-produced. There is no need to manipulate the web app.

The best thing about this approach, however, is: You make yourself independent of the company cell phone with the Instagram account and can work on the platform even if you do not currently have access to the device.

This even makes collaborative work possible: One employee may be present at an event on site with his mobile phone, while a second employee can create and post suitable graphics in the office.


Posting stories from the web interface can be a real aid if access to the company cell phone is either not possible or the workflow can be simplified as a result.