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Samsung Galaxy Note10: The Powerphone

The versatile S Pen, a professional-grade camera and a long-lasting battery make it possible to get started creatively and productively


Samsung introduces the newest member of the Galaxy Note family: In two different sizes, the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 + combine elegant design with extremely high performance. Inspired by a generation that glides smoothly between work and private life, the Galaxy Note10 allows users to determine the limits of their creativity and productivity.


The high-quality design of the Galaxy Note10 is characterized by elegant simplicity, so that users can fully focus on their projects. The Galaxy Note10 is the first Galaxy Note that will be available in two sizes. The 6.3-inch Infinity-O display of the Galaxy Note10 is intended for users who prefer a smaller device, but still don't want to forego the performance, design and the S Pen characteristic of the Galaxy Note series. The 6.8-inch display of the Galaxy Note10 +, on the other hand, is the largest Galaxy Note display to date.


The HDR10 + certified Dynamic AMOLED display on the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 + is Samsung's best smartphone display to date. The so-called Infinity O display is almost frameless and takes up almost the entire surface. The small, central recess for the front camera ensures that as little display as possible is lost through the camera recess and gives the Galaxy Note10 a symmetrical appearance.


Thanks to Dynamic Tone Mapping, the display is extremely bright and offers a larger color range compared to the previous model. UL1 has confirmed that the Galaxy Note10 display offers 98 percent color and brightness uniformity.2
The simple and minimalist user interface One UI complements the elegant design of the Galaxy Note10 perfectly. Thanks to it, content and buttons are where they should be - easy to see and easy to reach. One UI makes it easy for users to use the Galaxy Note10.


Versatile productivity to seize every moment

The Galaxy Note10 is designed for powerful multitasking: the S Pen offers new functions to personalize notes. Users can highlight certain words, zoom in and out, change the color of the font and even the font weight. In addition, handwriting can be easily converted to text and exported for further editing in applications such as Microsoft Word.


Thanks to the new gesture control, the S Pen offers the option of intuitively operating the smartphone remotely via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). With a simple movement of the hand, users can change the camera mode or operate the media player of their choice - the best thing: all commands can be individually adjusted according to personal preferences. The battery life of the S Pen is up to ten hours. In the freely accessible Developer Kit for the S Pen, developers can find all the information and tools to integrate gesture control and other S Pen functions into their apps - whether in the area of ​​gaming or productivity.


Samsung has made Samsung DeX even more powerful for all users who want to be productive on the go. The Galaxy Note10 can now easily be connected to a PC or Mac with a USB cable to see compatible Android applications on the monitor and to work with the mouse and keyboard. In addition, files can be dragged and dropped or copied and pasted in DeX mode3 moved between phone and PC.4 Particularly interesting for corporate customers: All data is processed on the smartphone and is still protected by Samsung Knox.


Thanks to the Microsoft Your Phone app, users can also easily connect their Galaxy Note10 to their Windows PC - the app also appears in the quick notification bar of the smartphone for an overview. This enables users to view notifications on the computer, receive and send messages5 or manage photos from your smartphone on your Windows 10 PC.6


Inspirationally creative

With the Galaxy Note10, creative users can use innovative tools to capture stunning videos and photos so that their channels, stories and posts stand out on social media. The Galaxy Note10 combines first-class camera hardware with intelligent software.


With Live Focus Video, users can now add the bokeh effect for stylized, blurred backgrounds in videos. With the audio zoom function, users can bring the sound of a scene to the foreground during video recordings, while the rest of the ambient noise disappears in the background. The Action Cam video stabilization stabilizes video recordings so that even fast-paced action recordings do not blur. Hyperlapse recordings can also be stabilized so that even fast movements look fluid and natural.


Video editing is also easy with the Galaxy Note10. Thanks to the video editor, you can easily create your own clips and share them quickly. Transition effects, royalty-free music as well as text and drawings can be added in just a few steps. In addition, Adobe Rush7 creative users have every means to edit their video almost professionally - with the S Pen this is particularly precise.


For gamers who want to add personality to their streams or vloggers who want to improve their tutorials, the Galaxy Note10 is equipped with the screen recorder function. Users can easily record what can be seen on the display. You can even add personal reactions to the image content using picture-in-picture and handwritten comments using the S Pen to create an entertaining video.


Designed for AR applications, the Galaxy Note10 with AR drawing enables content to be drawn and shared with the S Pen in augmented reality. Using algorithms for spatial analysis of images and videos, even moving objects can be used as a canvas for AR drawings. In addition, you can use the quick measurement function8 and the VGA 3D depth camera of the Galaxy Note10 + 3D models can be captured in order to integrate them into photos or videos. In addition, the night mode is now also available for the front camera, so that striking selfies can be made even when the conditions are not ideal.


Extreme performance for power users

Note fans use their smartphone not only for everyday tasks, but for almost everything - be it running their company, cutting videos or creating illustrations. The Galaxy Note10 is therefore equipped with a battery that can keep up with its demanding users: thanks to the super fast charging function with up to 45 watts of power9 the smartphone is charged for many hours within 30 minutes. With Wireless PowerShare, compatible smartphones or wearables such as the Galaxy Watch Active2 or other Qi-compatible devices can be charged wirelessly.


Gamers have also been thought of: the more computing and graphics performance current smartphone games demand, the more powerful hardware is necessary for a smooth gaming experience. Therefore, Samsung has integrated an advanced cooling system in the Galaxy Note10 to cool the hardware and keep the smartphone slim at the same time. The AI-based Game Booster adjusts performance and energy supply individually to the game. This not only saves the battery, but also enables longer gaming fun.


The support of 4G LTE or 5G10 With the Galaxy Note10 + 5G, users can also be on the go quickly on the Internet - whether streaming high-resolution videos or large downloads.


Door to an open ecosystem

The Galaxy Note10 is at the heart of the Galaxy ecosystem. A whole range of networked products, such as the Galaxy Watch Active2 or the Galaxy Tab S6, can be easily networked and support users in everyday life. Samsung Knox, Samsung's security platform, protects private data from the chipset to the software across all product categories. Bixby, Samsung's AI platform, helps make the lives of Samsung customers easier, more organized, and more connected.


Customers who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Galaxy Note10 + from August 7th to August 22nd and register by September 13th can also exchange their old device and receive an exchange bonus of 100 euros. In the Samsung online shop, customers receive both the purchase value and the exchange bonus directly as an advance deduction in the value of the goods.


From August 23, 2019, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + as well as the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G will be available in the Samsung online shop and in German stores.


modelavailable coloursprice
Galaxy Note10 256 GBAura Glow, Aura Pink, Aura Black949 euros RRP
Galaxy Note10 + 256 GBAura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black1,099 euros RRP
Galaxy Note10 + 512 GBAura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black€ 1,199 RRP
Galaxy Note10 + 5G 256 GBAura Glow, Aura Black€ 1,199 RRP




2UL has certified the Galaxy Note10 for its premium hole display with “98% color and brightness uniformity” and “92% camera hole transparency”.

3Copying and pasting files is only possible from PC to DeX, not from DeX to PC.

4A list of supported apps and other information can be found on the Samsung DeX official website.

5Limited to the 1000 most recent messages

6Limited to the last 25 photos or screenshots

7Adobe Rush can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

8The quick measurement function is only available on the Galaxy Note10 +. The accuracy of the model can be affected by a number of factors, including the shooting conditions, such as when the object was recorded outdoors, and the characteristics of the object, such as when it is too big, too small, extremely reflective or extremely is dark.

9Fast charging with 45W only available on the Galaxy Note10 + and Galaxy Note10 + 5G. Requires optional Samsung quick charger (45W). The Galaxy Note10 supports fast charging up to 25W.

105G is not yet supported across the board in Germany. Please ask your network provider / contractual partner about the coverage available to you. The maximum 5G speed depends on the region, provider and software of the device / provider. The stated values ​​correspond to theoretically achievable download speeds.