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Bioshock (PS4, Xbox One, PC): Complete solution, tips and tricks

Time for another modern classic. Or three of them, which nobody should complain about. Bioshock The Collection is available now and brings the Bioshock trilogy to the current PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Quite a lot to catch up on when you've spent the last ten years or so under a stone. Even if Bioshock never reaches the complexity of its intellectual predecessor System Shock (or Deus Ex), they are still games in which you could stand there more than once and wonder how and, above all, where to go next. Hey, in ten years there will be comfort that you might miss today.

That's why we've put together a package that nobody should get lost in Rapture or Columbia with. Below you will find the complete solution for Bioshock. If you are looking for help with the second or third part, you can find it in the Bioshock 2 complete solution or the Bioshock Infinite complete solution. We guide you safely through the underwater city, illuminate the dark corners, warm you up from enemies and nasty traps. What you need when you are trapped in a damp hell of creepy freaks. Good luck in surviving.

Table of contents: Complete solution Bioshock

Bioshock: arriving in Rapture, tutorial

Bioshock: Medical Pavilion - Emergency Access, Dr. Steinman

Bioshock: Medical Pavilion - destroy rubble, telekinesis

Bioshock: Medical Pavilion - Steinman's key, open emergency access

Bioshock: Neptune's Bounty - harbor district, research camera, Fontaine Fisheries

Bioshock: Neptune's Bounty - Photograph Spider-Splicer, defeat Wilkins

Bioshock: smugglers' hideout - open hatch, submarine, docking port

Bioshock: Arcadia - Metro Station, Find Julie Langford

Bioshock: Arcadia - Rose Sample, Invent Lazarus Vector

Bioshock: Farmer's Market - Distilled water, enzyme samples, chlorophyll solution

Bioshock: Fort Frolic - Kill Martin Finnegan, Silas Cobb, Hector Rodriguez

Tips and Tricks

Even if Bioshock is not the most complex first-person game and its structure is smooth compared to its ancestors, one should not overestimate oneself. In the following, we provide some tips that should make survival much easier.

Game world

Rapture itself is a small work of art, an underwater city striving for higher levels before it collapses, of which you only explore the remains. But what must this have been splendid! You cross the districts one after the other, you can sometimes return to the areas you have visited (not always; if so, then with the help of diving bells) and lose yourself in the countless nooks and crannies. Rapture is much more than just a level that you complete. It is a reflection of the society that lived in it and still does so in the form of deformed splicers. That means: look at everything. Even if you don't have to go to a particular shop during the game, it's still worth doing. There is something to see practically everywhere.

Be it cash machines from which you can get a few dollars, containers full of ammunition, weapon upgrade stations or simply tape recordings. Those who explore a lot and take their time get a lot more out of Bioshock than people who just rush to the objective of the mission to cross it off the list. You always have more money, more ammunition, more of everything just. So always be nice and slow and don't let yourself rush. Search every container, every corpse, everything you find. Small livestock also make crap.


Yes, they made it here from System Shock too. Tapes basically tell the story of Rapture, what happened in this monster city, what people pulled the strings, what their agenda was, what they perished and a lot more. Here, too, it is always worth keeping your eyes open. Often the recordings are clearly visible on a table, but sometimes also between pieces of furniture or under the bed. If you want to find everything, you have to search really hard. Always pay attention to the brief flashing of items, so you will miss a lot less with a little rest and a strained look.

Little Sisters and Big Daddys

After a short time you will meet the first of these tragic pairings: a fat giant in a diving suit and a petite girl next to him. The little ones suck off Adam's corpses and the fat ones protect them in the process. With their lives. The stupid thing: you have to get to the Little Sisters, that's the only way to get the precious Adam (see next section). The Big Daddies fight to the utmost whoever gets too close to a Little Sister. So here are a few tips for fighting: First of all, you should create a save before every attack. Sounds silly, but it is very helpful when you make a mistake. Hack cameras, drones and guns, then lure Big Daddy there.

With the colossus in tow, it can also be worth running into a small group of splicers. These usually intervene in the fight and distract the poor protector from you. He can still take enough, so don't overestimate yourselves. Use the thickest weapons you have available. In addition, as with any other opponent, you should first take Big Daddy photos (as soon as you have the camera) in order to cause more damage. Also, be careful not to attack a Big Daddy unless he has his Little Sister with him. If he stomps through the corridors alone, you will receive some loot after his death, but not the girl who is at stake.

Adam and what to do with it

Well, Adam is a substance that Bioshock revolves around. Your only way to get it is said Little Sister. After the death of the Big Daddy belonging to him, you have the choice whether you want to exploit the Little Sisters (gives more Adam) or save them (less Adam). The point is this: your choices are reflected at the end of the game and in how a particular character feels towards you. And don't worry: if you save all the little girls nicely, said person will give you gifts more often to make up for the loss of Adam.

But what do you do with it now? There are one or more Gatherer's Garden machines in each section. With Adam, you can buy so-called plasmids from them to expand the character's range of actions. With plasmids, for example, you can throw fireballs or lightning bolts out of your hand, you can draw big daddies to your side, summon a swarm of bees or set splicers against each other. Plasmids are an important part of the game mechanics and it is always worth having an overview of them in order to be able to adapt your play style accordingly. Slots for other plasmids can also be purchased from the machines.

At so-called gene banks, which are also distributed like vending machines in the levels, you can change the active plasmids should the situation require it. Internalize what can be done with what, and you should never really stand in the rain.

What if you do die?

Even if you no longer manage to heal yourself with bandages at the right moment, there are always Vita-Chambers à la System Shock 2 in the normal game settings, in which you are resuscitated. These are distributed fairly regularly in the sections and in the worst case you have to walk back a minute to where you came from.

More machines

In addition to the Gatherer's Garden machine and the gene banks for exchanging the plasmids, there are other options. Regular vending machines are filled with everything you would expect: ammunition, Eve syringes, first aid kits and all the things you might need. Here you refuel especially when you have a lot of money and need supplies. Gun upgrade stations are special. There you can upgrade your weapons, but only one per station. Once you have used it, it becomes unusable from now on. Think carefully about what you want to improve. In U-Invent machines, on the other hand, you can build items from found raw materials. Do that because you always need ammunition and the like.

Any tips?

Learn to deal with the plasmids. Which one you prefer is up to you. Here are some suggestions: With the lightning strike you can electrify puddles, which makes the opponents standing in them harder - a blow with the wrench is usually enough. With fire, puddles of oil can be ignited, which affects everyone in the area. Also very useful is "Hypnotize Big Daddy", with which the fat giants mistake you for a Little Sister, do not leave your side for a while and attack anyone who comes too close to you. Very useful.

Always try to hack cameras and guns so they'll work for you afterwards. So if a splicer comes into the headlight of the camera, the security system is directed against it. If he steps in front of a gun, it shoots immediately. You can also trigger the alarm yourself, electrocute the approaching drones, hack them and then make them usable for your purposes. It's all a question of perspective.

Should you ever get into an alarm and have problems, you can look around for devices on the walls with which the alarm can be switched off for a small fee. The health stations are also important. Not only you can heal yourself there, but also your opponents. In the latter case, a message appears and you are well advised to follow the guy to the station and kill him before he is awake again.